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One more week.

“Keep Moving Forward”

One more week left in my travel nurse life! I actually can’t believe that when I sit down to think about it. Before I started my whole travel nursing journey, it had just been this big idea sorta in the back of my head, that always seemed to linger. 274 more words

Wales will be independent within a generation. Don't believe us? Read on

Wales could be an independent nation state within a generation.

That’s the key finding from a new poll published by YouGov and commissioned by the grassroots independence campaign group… 1,047 more words


Stuck? Listen...

Feeling “stuck,” and unable to move forward is sometimes accompanied by the emotional sense of being “blocked,” too.

We can experience the feeling that life is on hold somehow, or that ideas have stopped flowing, or even a general hesitation to act or decide because you simply feel unsure or disconnected from Source. 220 more words

Self Care

In Progress

In an instant one post can send you into a tailspin. Scrolling thru the mulch of social media, and coming across an innocuous post celebrating something or other in someone else’s life, far from my own world, I confronted myself in a way that struck me with fear. 455 more words


Beyond the Void [part 3]

Author’s Note: The font in my document is different then the one below. I thought about italicizing the message below but opted against it. This is from Jenny to the Director. 64 more words


Getting Things Done

I’ve decided to start my series of posts on productivity systems with an overview of one of the better-known ones: Gettings Things Done (GTD for short). 520 more words

Equipment For Living

Photos: ICM's Board of Director's Retreat

The International Conservatory of Music (ICM)’s Board of Director invited Dr. Matthew Hinsley from the Austin Classical Guitar Society to speak.

Thank you, Matthew, so very much. 40 more words

John E. Marlow Guitar Series