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Now what?

One of the greatest things is to be able to have time to really reflect on life.  Its in the reflection that you see how much you have accomplished.   624 more words

Personal Reflection

Is Your Character Growing?

Your mind is amazing.  It thinks so fast you don’t know you are thinking.

Like right now.

Your eyes receive light patterns.  The patterns are sent to the brain.  462 more words

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When You Don't Like It

Let’s face it. There isn’t a lone single Church Management Software that will fit every church. If there were, there would be no marketplace competition. There would be no comparison charts. 773 more words

Church Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions about College Campus Visits

Frequently Asked Questions about College Campus Visits

Q: Why should we visit a college campus?

A: There are three big reasons that college visits are worth the time and effort. 657 more words


Making Memories

You never will get back the years or times that were wasted but you can live fully in THIS day that has been given to you with love and compassion for yourself and for others; not wasting anything. 7 more words

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Your Next Step...

Babies go from crawling to walking.  Teenagers go from walking to driving.  Adults go from driving to praying when their teenagers start to drive.  You have a next step, no matter what stage you are in life. 299 more words

Next Steps

Reckless Pursuit : Exhibit A

The past few weeks I’ve learned what it really means to push into God. I’ve been asking if specific barriers were God’s re-direction or a spiritual attack. 921 more words