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Seniors...What's Next

I walked into the staff lounge this morning and found a gorgeous cake dedicated to our school colors and the Class of 2016. It was a sweet (pun intended) reminder that we are almost to graduation. 925 more words


Grace, Floor 3

The Merriam Webster Dictionary offers as the Full Definition of grace as:

a : unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification
b : a virtue coming from God… 38 more words

Making the most of LinkedIn

I attended a course on making the most of LinkedIn the other day. Here are the main points that I noted down:

Next Steps

Survey time! Get on {Mother}Board.

It’s survey time! We have been researching, meeting, talking, presenting… doing everything we can to ensure MotherBoard works for our target user: smart, professional moms who want to have balance in their work and family life. 65 more words

Working Mother

Stepping Through the Threshold: Part 2

There are some people you meet in life who you realize you were destined to meet, who you believe God has placed there to help you through some circumstance or to teach you a life lesson. 701 more words


Why am I here? Where am I Going?

Except for one-act plays, the second act follows the first.  So, let’s just say for me, at 61,  to get here I’ve put a few miles on my life’s odometer. 228 more words

The Road Less Taken

Many paths, many steers
Which one do I take.

As I come close to the day that shines light to my birth
I ponder upon this question many a time… 156 more words