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Not a Binge

My support friend and I have been trying something different. We have been repeating to ourselves that no food is bad. I have been ordering and eating what I want, with the goal of stopping when I’m full. 633 more words

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WENTI + Recovery Update


  1. Walk in the morning
  2. Eat what’s there
  3. No food is bad
  4. Talk isn’t stary
  5. I am enough

Walk in the Morning:

Cheeto and Chester needs their exercises each day. 1,035 more words

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My School Survival Kit

These pieces of equipment might not be able to save me in a fire, earthquake or zombie apocalypse but they certainly make my life as a teacher a whole lot easier. 1,173 more words


10 things i hate about you

Note: if your name is Bonne DuCharme, or actually if your surname is DuCharme at all, do not read this post.  Or if you do, approach it with the same wariness that you would a giant spider.  2,890 more words


Day 2 Morning Tracking

I woke up this morning without feeling guilty, even though I snacked last night. I put my sports bra on and intended to run with Chester in an effort to maintain the same activity level as I had before – running in the morning and BJJ in the evening. 154 more words

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Day 1 of Freedom Eating

I’ve been eating what I want, and snacking when I feel like it. Although I do this, it is not guilt free. I still get the feeling that I need to eat better tomorrow to not gain weight. 262 more words

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One Month of Intuitive Eating (Vien's Style)

I am back on this wagon (Vien’s style because I didn’t read a book about it). My goal is to normalize foods that I have engrained as off limits in my subconscious. 676 more words

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