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Nexuiz color chat version 3.1 released

Get Nexuiz/rocketminsta color chat version 3.1. Now, configuration can be done to either overwrite existing color codes or not overwrite them. Download at  Nexuiz Color Chat version 3.1 for Nexuiz 2.5.2  11 more words

Color Script

Nexuiz Colour Script

Colour chat script converts normal texts using say command into colourful text. Get the latest version from https://github.com/sulphuric/Nexuiz-Rocketminsta-Color-Chat

Version 3.0 released.

Color Script

Coin Op: Xonotic for Linux

The overview:

Came across this title today after hearing about it while searching for its precursor (keep in mind this is a fork, not a sequel), Nexuiz.   182 more words

Outland Games: a pretty shallow, blood-sport take on the endless runner formula

Outland Games brings to iOS some of the charm that Uber Entertainment’s Super Monday Night Combat had going for it, but once you get past the initial chuckles, their first mobile foray does little to keep you hooked. 438 more words


Crytek engine to create new boundaries for console but still push PC

The CEO of Crytek has stated that Crysis 3 will melt our PC’s bringing back the joke of “can your computer run Crysis?” For many people who were PC gamers the one game that was a test to see how tough their computer rigs were was the original Crysis game that blew PC performance out of the water. 317 more words


Deal of the Week - Arcade Multiplayer Special

A new week starts and this week, Microsoft has decided to showcase deals for a variety of Arcade games!

Trine 2 – 600 MSP

Gotham City Impostors – 24 more words