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Nexus 5000 - QoS

I found this great post on N5K QoS

Also below is the Mindmap I prepared for this – config required to support FCoE


Lab Exam

Nexus Product Line (High-Level)

Cisco has a few switches in the Nexus family. I can’t say how deep CCNA Data Center goes into the product line[1] but it’s worth covering anyways. 962 more words


Single-Homed vs Dual-Homed Fabric Extenders

A question that I still get quite a lot is how to connect Nexus 2000 Fabric Extenders to their parent switches – is it better to single attach them to the parent, or to dual-home the FEX to both parent switches (using vPC)? 639 more words

Nexus 7000

Storm Control on Nexus 2000 NIFs

NX-OS release 5.2(1)N1(2) added support for storm control on Nexus 2000 NIFs / FEX Fabric Interfaces (this is also available on 6.0(2)N2(1) for the Nexus 6000) – these are the interfaces used to connect the parent Nexus 5500 or 6000 to the Fabric Extender. 324 more words

Nexus 5000

Cisco Nexus vPC operations

As many may know Virtual PortChannels (or vPC for short) are used widely when it comes to Datacenter designs and Cisco Nexus. It can be compared to VSS on the Catalyst 6500 or 4500-E (or-X) platforms, but are in fact slightly different. 494 more words


L3 over vPC: Nexus 7000 vs 5000

The lack of support for running layer 3 routing protocols over vPC on the Nexus 7000 is well documented – less well known however is that the Nexus 5500 platform operates in a slightly different way which… 538 more words


Cisco Nexus 5000 Series vPC Design and Configuration

Whether you’re looking at the Cisco Nexus 5000 line for the Unified Fabric feature, the 1.92Tbps of throughput, or simply as an upgrade from the traditional Catalyst 6509 chassis, you will definitely want to take advantage of its Virtual Port-Channel (vPC) capability. 2,367 more words