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Nexus devices aren’t selling well, Nexus 6 mostly to blame

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Google has just announced their quarterly financial results for Q1 2015, and while the overall picture is good, there’s a bit of bad new for Nexus devices. 240 more words


Nexus 7 2013 - Poetic Revolution - Is it worth it?

The Poetic Revolution is a very good case overall bu like all others it has flaws. At about $25 – $30 it gives almost the same protection as an Otterbox case. 175 more words

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Moga Pocket - Bluetooth Game Controller

The Moga Pocket is a game controller for all android 2.3+ devices. It connects via blutooth so no hasle of wires. The controller is fun to use and a good accessory to turn your phone into a legit portable game device. 92 more words

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Don't like Play Music? Try DoubleTwist Music Player.

A lot of people find the features of Play Music limited. The interface is not the best `either. We have found an amazing alternate to it. 54 more words

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Top live android wallpapers!

A thing we noticed is that the LWP section in the Play Store is strange. They are not well categorized and some are not even LWPs. 56 more words

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"Can not connect to camera"

Have any of you suffered from this annoying error and just hate it. Well here is simple fix.
1. Go to Settings : Apps : All : Camera. 66 more words

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Have you maintained your device lately?

Any smart phone or tablet from today’s time will need maintenance. This maintenance requires multiple steps. First you must clear the cache. Next, you must clean your SD card  removing thumbnails, etc. 50 more words

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