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iPhone - The Prequel

I have been a die-hard Android user since the Motorola Droid (OG Droid) came out in October 2007.  The Apple iOS software world has always felt too restrictive for me, since I am forever a tinkerer. 373 more words


My horrifying phone experience

Oh boy, has this been a rocky two years and I’m finally ready to discuss a situation I’ve been in for the last year and 2 months. 608 more words


The Moto X4 brings Android One to the US and a non-Google phone to Project Fi

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Motorola’s Moto X4 is coming to Google’s Project Fi network, and it’s bringing Android One along with it.

On Wednesday, Google announced that Motorola’s latest smartphone will work with its… 649 more words


An Android Oreo ROM is now available for the Nexus 4, because why not

(Source: 9to5google.com)

One of the best things about Android is how flexible it can be, and that especially applies to the hard work of talented developers bringing newer versions of Android to older devices. 154 more words


Research: Oxford House

Just a few more links I have come across recently that would be good to keep here as background:

Some more about AI and technology – … 71 more words

Oxford House

Nexus Thinking: A New Concept for Me to Grasp

URL: http://arcg.is/1eHG0e

This may have been the first time I have heard of Nexus thinking. However, holistic thinking and systematic thinking processes are not new to me, so hopefully I can pick this concept up without too much trouble. 1,111 more words

Rain: 9.18.2017

Nexus: from Latin, ‘a binding together,’ from nex- ‘bound’