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WSJ: Google’s wireless network to launch in coming weeks, but only w/ support for Nexus 6

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Google’s upcoming wireless service will only work with the Nexus 6 and no other devices. 199 more words



The next company to manufacturer Google’s Nexus smartphone will not be Motorola or LG. According to reports, the next company to manufacture Google’s phone will be Chinese brand Huawei.

The Next Google Nexus will be made by Huawei [Photos]

After HTC, Samsung, LG and Moto… Google is rumored to be in talks with a Chinese phone maker for the next generation Nexus smartphone. According to leaked sources, this company is Huawei.

Spinal Cord Injury, Questions

1. What imaging do you use for patients with possible acute, traumatic spinal cord injury?

2. How do you treat neurogenic shock?

3. What is your management and disposition for elderly patients with vertebral compression fractures? 22 more words

Why it makes sense that Huawei could make the next Nexus

Here’s an interesting rumor out of China: iSuppli researcher Kevin Yang posted on Weibo on Wednesday that Huawei will be making a Nexus device this coming fall. 637 more words

Huawei confirmed to make the next Nexus phone

Last week we told you that not one, but two Nexus phones could get launched this year,and it was rumored that LG and Huawei would be the makers… 162 more words


Automatisation du cycle de vie des applications : du développement au déploiement

La mise en place progressive de méthodes d’automatisation a  permis d’automatiser complètement le cycle de vie des applications,  depuis le développement jusqu’au déploiement. Nous verrons dans cet article les changements que cela implique, et quels sont les avantages que l’on a à automatiser l’ensemble du cycle. 833 more words
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