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Best 3 Unlocked Android Phones

1. Google Nexus 5x (Best Under 400$)

  • Build materials are good, the fingerprint sensor is amazingly fast
  • The screen remains legible in the sun, has very accurate colors…
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Google Photos celebrates first birthday and 24 billion selfies

Happy birthday, Google Photos. In the year since its launch, the service has created 1.6 billion animations, collages and movies from your snapshots, according to a post on the Google blog. 305 more words


DNS Spoofing with Nethunter, cSploit & Kali Linux

How cool would it be as a pentester to walk around a target company, with only your smartphone, and divert individual systems surfing the web to an outside Kali Linux system you have setup that is just waiting for incoming connections. 1,070 more words

Kali Linux

Nexus 5X 32 GB vs iPhone SE 16 GB

My current work phone is a Lumia 925. Because it’s 2 years old, I can choose a new phone. This is a very hard choice, because I like the design of the iPhone, but I prefer Android above iOS. 386 more words


Android Apps to Improve Productivity

According to a recent study, people use their smartphones for an average of around 5 hours per day. That’s almost one-third of the time we’re awake! 791 more words


Project Fi

Quick disclaimer: this is going to be a biased article because I use this service for my personal cell phone and love it. That being said, I have no ties to Google and although I wish they were paying me, that is not the case. 1,017 more words


Nexus devices reportedly getting unlimited original quality image & video backup in Google Photos

Google Photos 1.21 rolled out silently to Android devices this week without any new features. However, a teardown by Android Police reveals that Google is preparing to offer unlimited original quality photo and video backups for Nexus devices. 217 more words