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The Hot Boys Challenge - First Crush and Supporting Character

Well, Arthifis and Mel are doing the 25 Days Anime Male Challenge and I figured that why not, so here I am trying to figure out my babies. 576 more words


Juuni Taisen: Nezumi

Fell in love with Juuni Taisen back in December and I knew I had to cosplay Nezumi when I found out I had the materials for him (especially since he’s my zodiac sign hehe ). 3,433 more words

Juuni Taisen

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Episode 12: I Think The Viewers Need Rat's Wish


Sad that the final episode was the first that made me actually kind of intrigued by a character and the world constructed by this anime. 198 more words

Nezumi (No.6) - Anime&MBTI

Nezumi was a tricky one. There’s a lot of cynicism to him, a lot of disillusion and a strong, obsessive, fixation with No.6 and with the future (moving on, never looking back…). 1,028 more words



Shion (More like Nezumi x Shion) from No. 6

Warning: this Shimeji has some suggestive frames

Artist is 丶夜刀神狗朗-

Source and download HERE