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Pre, Power, Slaves and Masters

Tonight, I tried some different setups between my Recto and a Line 6 Pod X3 Live.  I was trying to get a good headphone mix for silent playing.   619 more words

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier

RIDM 2015 Review: The Unknown Photographer

Like the Polar Sea 360° project, The Unknown Photographer has one component that you can explore with an Oculus virtual reality headset for the duration of RIDM, and several other parts that you can enjoy at home whenever you choose to do so. 627 more words

Liz Ferguson

Are You Accessible? Why 508 Compliance Matters to the Private Sector

Do you consider your organization exempt from accessibility standards because you’re in the private sector? If you answered yes to this question, I’m hoping to change your mind by the end of this post. 1,320 more words

The Flying Animator set to soar on screen

Some might assume that The Flying Animator derives its title from the animator’s work on such cult classics as Heavy Metal and Yellow Submarine and their obvious association with the drug culture of that era. 1,243 more words


The Hungry Squid

Today was the first Film Festival of the year, and we chose to show a hilarious and creative short film by John Weldon called The Hungry Squid. 28 more words

Field Trip

FNC 2015: Ninth Floor, a documentary film about the 'Sir George Williams computer riot' will be shown where the events took place

“Sirens reverberated through downtown Montreal as fire trucks and police cars rushed towards the three-year-old Hall Building. Surrounded by riot police clashing with protestors, the ninth floor of the jewel of Sir George Williams University was on fire. 452 more words

Liz Ferguson