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The NFB's Seven Digital deadly Sins

How come I never knew about this? The NFB did a series called The Seven Digital Deadly Sins. I was expecting the usual fare of young people talking about their experiences online (which is totally valid, mind you). 77 more words

Digital Citizenship

Interactive Documenteries

The point of documentaries is to immerse the viewer in an experience caught on camera. Films like “March of the Penguins” and “Supersize Me” are hugely popular because they’re able to entrance the viewer in the subject matter presented. 322 more words

No Camera? No Problem!

Animator and film director, Norman McLaren, was born on April 11, 1914.  He is best remembered for his work at the NFB (National Film Board) where he produced the film “Neighbours.”   Besides the brilliant combination of visuals and sound, the film has a very strong social message against violence and war. 121 more words

Canadian-related Links

Volunteering to Build Bridges


With the project 75 days of service, the Community Service Department of the National Federation of the Blind is creating the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that blindness has nothing to  do with being helpless.   195 more words


National Film Board of Canada outlines plan for layoffs, shared offices

MONTREAL – The National Film Board of Canada says a series of cost-saving measures that include shared offices and 16 layoffs ensure the agency’s financial stability through 2020. 251 more words


Who are we? Tiffany! Who are we? Tiffany! WHO ARE WE? TIFFANY!!

by Merit Geldmacher

Back in September or October we decided to send a women’s team to this season’s Dutch Ultimate Indoor Championships. It has been four competition days within 99 days, our team played in Arnhem and Eindhoven and the first competition day was not too soon ahead.  639 more words

Dutch Championships