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Middle school football team tears a page out of the 'NFL Blitz' playbook

Look at this play from the Blountstown Middle School football team. Just look at it. Does it remind you of anything? If you played video games in the early 2000s, it should. 111 more words



NFL Blitz is a beloved football video game released for the Nintendo 64 and Playstation. It portrayed National Football League (NFL) games being played in what must be some sort of universe parallel to our own. 1,161 more words

Top 5: Juegos de deportes 'arcade'

Los juegos de deportes arcade simplificaban las reglas con el objetivo de que el usuario aprendiera a jugar en unos cuantos minutos. Sacrificaban el realismo por ofrecer una experiencia rápida y emocionante. 539 more words


The Retro Geek | Great Football Games

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! While we argue over who will win and which nacho chip is the best, here are some classic football games that have made an impact over the years. 493 more words

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Retro Unscripted Review #2: NFL Blitz (Arcade, PlayStation, Nintendo 64)

Here’s the next installment of Retro Unscripted Reviews. Reviewing a football game during NFL playoff time made sense to me, and being an arcade fan who has played the heck out of the coin-op, PlayStation, and Nintendo 64 versions of this game… it was easy to talk about. 210 more words


Aaron Rodgers Executed the "NFL Blitz" Turmoil Play

Aaron Rodgers hit Richard Rodgers (no relation) for a touchdown in Minnesota to put the Packers up 14-7. The play bore heavy resemblance to my favorite one in NFL Blitz, called Turmoil, where the quarterback would run one way and hit a wide open receiver on the other end of the field. 47 more words


AP NFL Blitz: Breast Cancer Awareness

Week 5 of the NFL season marks the beginning of the sixth year of the NFL’s A Crucial Catch campaign, which supports the American Cancer Society (ACS). 238 more words