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When losing doesn't feel good ~ MUT 15 Rewards

Today we talk about MUT 15 rewards and what they mean and what the levels needed to achieve for pack openings in Madden Ultimate Team 15. 10 more words

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Boss Bo Jackson Review - Madden 15 Ultimate Team

Today we review Boss Bo Jackson in Madden 15 Ultimate Team. Let me know who you all want next.

Here is the 30 for 30: … 18 more words

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Madden 16 gameplay breakdown

In today’s video we go through Madden 16 game footage and analyze and breakdown what I think we are in store for gameplay wise. See counters, draws, pass blocking, passing and catching in next years game. 21 more words

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Sunday Mailbag ~ Episode 12

Today I go through last week’s questions like the chicken or the egg and what superhero I want to be. Send me your questions for next week!

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100 videos! Sponsor compilation video. Thank you for supporting me.

Today is my 100th video. Thank you to all of you out there for supporting my videos. This video is a compilation of all of my sponsors I’ve had so far. 26 more words

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What do early Madden 16 ratings tell us about the game?

In today’s video we talk about Madden 16 ratings for rookies, QB’s, RB’s and WR’s and what they tell us about how the new game is going to play on balance and gameplay. 14 more words

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Boss Bo Jackson gameplay! Madden Ultimate Team Head to Head

Today is a head to head Madden gameplay where we run through my game vs the Carolina Panthers and talk about many different things including Boss Bo Jackson.

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