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The new squad leaves no survivors - Head to Head gameplay madden ultimate team 16

Today we show off the new squad in action. Here’s yesterday’s video for the players:

Alternative title: Where is my mind? Oh yeah, focused on Calvin’s behind as he streaks down the sideline. 29 more words

Madden Ultimate Team

MUT 16 vs 15 prices, BCA promo expectations - MUT Market #3

Today we go through the strategy on whether to sell your team for the BCA promo and if it’ll be effective with the prices on these cards already so low compared to MUT 15. 24 more words

Madden Ultimate Team

Sunday Mailbag 9 20 15

In today’s mailbag we talk about my syndicate I’m running, bulls I run with, how I can run 100 miles and walk 500 just to be with you, why I’m a liar, and why none of the above is true. 14 more words

Madden Ultimate Team

MUT 16 News and Recently Released Players reviews

Today we review recently released players and go through some promos and other madden news/events. The players I go through are all the football outsiders and legends like Joey Porter and Jonathan Ogden. 24 more words

Madden Ultimate Team

My Top 5 Favorite Players in Madden 16

Who do I love? Find out next on Dragon Ball Z…

Or find out now in this video. I list my favorite players I’ve played with so far in Madden Ultimate Team 16. 21 more words

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Thursday is the official Silver Stud day so we can’t leave you without an overdose of it! I’ve been going hard and heavy on the studs. 38 more words

Madden Ultimate Team

Silver Studs take on the world - Madden Ultimate Team 16

Another day, another Silver Studs video as I move closer to the goal of All Madden 1st string with a Silver Squad.

You can find me on twitter somewhere.

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