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Art Donovan (1957 - Topps #65)

Arthur James “Bulldog” Donovan was an NFL Defensive Tackle for 12 yars for 3 different teams (mostly the Baltimore Colts 1950, 1952 – ’61).  After the NFL moved the  AFL Dallas Texan franchise to Baltimore, he became a  “new” Baltimore Colt. 127 more words

VJP Legends

Thursday September 17th

Twelve year Major League Baseball veteran, Michael Tucker joined us to discuss Bryce Harper’s chances at winning the NL MVP and why the Nats troubled season isn’t necessarily Matt Williams fault. 24 more words


Three-Cone Drill Podcast: 138th Episode Spectacular!

A few mailbag questions lead into our discussion about quarterback development and a couple of Rivers’ small sample size studies that lead to some interesting theories. 409 more words

Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback on the planet, and here’s why

Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers is the NFL’s best quarterback, a sure bet Hall of Famer who could end up being the best of all times, but if you ask him, there is always room for improvement. 175 more words


Day 46 - Rockin & Rollin in Cleveland

After doing all the usual things and loading onto the Broach Coach yet again, we spent the next few hours travelling to Canton, Ohio. Why Canton, Ohio you ask? 500 more words


2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame - Induction Day

Saturday and induction day arrived. After the rush of Thursday & Friday I was looking forward to taking my time Saturday morning. I did not have to be at the HOF until later that afternoon so I wanted to relax and get a good breakfast. 1,181 more words

Local man experiences more joy in 10 seconds of meaningless NFL preseason game than entire Phillies season

Philadelphia, PA – Mindlessly flipping through stations last evening, Tim Brackens, 33, became inordinately excited when he stumbled upon the NFL Hall of Fame game between the Steelers and Vikings at 8:23 p.m. 274 more words