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New 49ers Uniforms

Having loved the San Francisco 49ers since I started watching football as a little kid, seeing my all-time favorite player, Joe Montana, take the field in the iconic red and gold of the team, it has become increasingly difficult to cheer for this team, 30 years after I began to love them. 442 more words


Week two of the final uniform tournament

We’re coming to a close in the uniform tournament. We have 14 teams remaining, seven in each region. Next week, we will narrow it down from seven teams to four. 127 more words


Uniform tournament week one: NFL

Now that I have finished rating the uniforms of all NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, I will have a tournament between teams from each of those leagues. 492 more words


A designer made futuristic-looking helmets for all 32 NFL teams, and they're awesome

Some of these designs are really, really awesome. Some teams should really consider a look like this. With the NFL offseason in full swing, it’s probably a matter of time before some team makes a uniform change. 56 more words


NFL weekly uniform rankings: Week two

Washington Redskins

Colors: 10/10

Logo: 3/10

Jersey design: 9/10

Alternate: 7/10

29/40 Washington has some pretty good colors. But with all of the controversy surrounding the name and logo, they need to have points taken off. 414 more words

Uniform Rankings

Best And Worst NFL Uniforms

The NFL season is coming to an end with the Super Bowl approaching. Players have their favorite brands of pads, shoes, and I imagine, jocks. Of course, the teams provide their uniforms – meaning the most stylish of dresser might get stuck in a hideous jersey or a jeans-and-t-shirt guy gets to rock a winning ensemble. 674 more words

Spice Up Your Day

Titans Wearing Whites To Finish Season

Per Paul Lukas at UniWatch, the Titans are going with all white jerseys for the remainder of the season. This seems rather odd as they aren’t particularly aesthetic and fans really do not like them. 93 more words