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So What Were the Rules Again? (#Gamifythis at #NFPTweetup)

Everybody loves games, in some way or another it is about the challenge. From a young age we are taught about rules and having fun through games. 401 more words


Cycleport at the NFP Tweetup

Esther. Just bumped into Esther on the way out of the NFPTweetup at the Amnesty International offices. It was her first time there (and mine) having only been in charities for a few months. 73 more words


A Lefty Tweetup

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Those of you who know me either offline or online will know that I am passionate about the power of social media to bring people together and change the world for good. 299 more words

NFPtweetup social and getting back to work

On Thursday, I had a day that felt pretty much like I had never had a baby. Okay, it began with dropping the littleun off at nursery, and I did pick her up and say a quick goodbye, but I spent the morning doing grown up things like, erm, cleaning house. 310 more words


NFPtweetup still has enough learning to surprise me

Earlier this week I attended the hugely popular NFPtweetup event in London which shared loads of good ideas and experiences of how charities are using social media in the broadest sense to support their goals.  583 more words


Chatting "Slacktivism" and Giving on the Jellyfielders Podcast

Howdy readers.  I really think I’m starting to find my stride with this blogging malarkey! Anyway, as well as reading my ramblings, you can now listen to my third collection of blatherings and botherings on Episode 4 of the Jellyfielders Podcast, live as of today and available on both  114 more words


Fun Twitter tools

Recently I have found myself increasingly spending time on twitter evaluation and mapping tools. I have decided to pull quickly pull together a couple of my personal favourites for you to explore. 448 more words