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Saturday: last day :-(

And this was it, my last day at Antelope Park. I don’t know where the time has gone, the three weeks have passed in a blink of an eye and at the same time I feel like I’ve been at Antelope Park for ages, everything has become so familiar and „normal“. 611 more words

About the project

So, in a few days I’ll start working as a volunteer in the Lion Rehabilitation & Release into the Wild Programme in Antelope Park, Zimbabwe. I first came across this project back in 2011 when the second season of “Lion Country” aired in the UK, and for some reason I decided then, I wanted to help by working as a volunteer in 2014, so here we go. 482 more words


We’ve thoroughly enjoyed observing Ashanti’s little girl and boy more and more with the pride recently. They, along with KE3 and KE4 have been milling around the pride on a daily basis and igniting a playful mood in AT1. 333 more words

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A Day in the Life of Ngamo Cubs

As lilacs and pinks flood the early morning sky a little cub gently licks the sparkling dew off a delicate grass blade.  Nearby, her brother, half-sisters, aunts, mother and father are settling in to watch the sun rise over the Ngamo release site.   519 more words

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One may presume that tracking and locating a group of adult lions with an estimated combined weight of 1000 kgs is a piece of cake – well you’d be VERY wrong.   260 more words

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The cubs tuck in

Friday  13th January certainly was unlucky for some as following yesterday’s uneventful pursuit of impala in Masai Mara, the lions were even more hungry and continuing to hunt without reward.  587 more words

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On 10th January Phyre, Kwali, Nala, Narnia, Ashanti, AT1, KE, KE3 and KE4 were all resting in Etosha.  Our researcher was disappointed to see Ashanti present again with the group as for the past few days she has been spending a lot of time with the pride, causing concern about the amount of time she is absent from her cubs in their den.  671 more words

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