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NGDP Targeting and FOMC discussions

Curiously, at the end of 1982 at the high point of unemployment and the low point of growth, with inflation below 6%, the lowest level reached since 1974, the Fed… 954 more words


NGDP not less reliable than RGDP (or inflation), but it's not relevant anyway

A James Alexander post

There is growing debate about the potential introduction of NGDP targeting or, rather, a debate that had quietened down seems to building up steam again in… 1,032 more words

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Blanchflower Baloney

A Mark Sadowski post

In a recent post James Alexander caught Danny Blanchflower tweeting that he thought “NGDP totally impractical due to data revisions… 512 more words

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The “Rules debate” once again

In Time Inconsistency Is Only One of Many Reasons to Favor Policy Rules John Taylor writes:

Advocates of purely discretionary monetary policy frequently list Kydland and Prescott’s time inconsistency argument as the only reason for policy rules, and then they try to shoot that down or say it is outweighed by arguments in favor of discretion.  

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NGDP data revisions means targeting it is "totally impractical", really?

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Danny Blanchflower, the enfant terrible of the Bank of England when he was for a time on its rate-setting Monetary Policy Committee, tweeted… 611 more words

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Jim, it is not complicated - NGDP tells you NOT to hike

This is what St. Louis Fed president James Bullard today told CNBC:

“there’s a powerful case to be made that it’s time to raise interest rates.

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NGDP Targeting

Never reason from a liquidity crisis

A James Alexander post

Tony Yates tips his hat with more respect that in previous posts towards NGDP Targeting.

Re-reading his earlier “silly” post I was struck by this comment he made in reply to some of the commenters: 489 more words

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