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ECB Chief Economist Peter Praet talks about “nominal growth”, wow!

A James Alexander post

Frances Coppola rightly drew attention to this section of a speech by Peter Praet, ECB Board Member and its Chief Economist, actually the opening paragraph: 547 more words

James Alexander

The UK NGDP dog is barking

A James Alexander post

It is always amazing that the UK statistics authority can produce a Real GDP estimate four weeks after the end of the quarter. 525 more words

James Alexander

The economy behaved just a ‘prescribed’ by monetary policy

Econbrowser links to a study by Blinder and Zandi, who develop the counterfactual::

Or, one can appeal to extant estimates of multipliers to estimate how the economy…

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Why the recovery has been so weak: an extension

Kevin Drum posts:

I don’t really have any good hook for posting this chart, but it’s one of the most important ones you’ll ever see. 

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Fiscal deficits continue to be the best advice!

A recent example from Simon Wren-Lewis:

 …I would much prefer additional public investment, for which there is a strong microeconomic as well as macroeconomic case…

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The 2002-04 period in the limelight once again

Tony Yates:

It’s highly contestable that the Fed set too-loose monetary policy in the early 2000s.  Bernanke made a stern and convincing case in favour of what they did while still Fed chair. 

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