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NGDP 3% per year; NGO much less!

A few days ago, Scott Sumner blogged about the “new normal” of NGDP trend (3% a year) (here and here). Overall, I tend to agree with him that the aggregate nominal expenditures are now at a new and historically low trend growth rate. 437 more words


Do we need central banks?

I have recently been trying to collect opinions as to why we assume we need central banks (prompted somewhat by the lead-up to the december 2015 rate hike). 224 more words


New Gulpu mine will blow a hole in Vision 2050 and the Constitution

According to the¬†government’s Vision 2050, strong economic growth has not translated into better living standards for the majority of the population and therefore Papua New Guinea needs to¬†move away from an economy based on resource extraction and mineral exports to a more stable and resilient future based on local industries. 730 more words

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