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Fiscal deficits continue to be the best advice!

A recent example from Simon Wren-Lewis:

 …I would much prefer additional public investment, for which there is a strong microeconomic as well as macroeconomic case…

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The 2002-04 period in the limelight once again

Tony Yates:

It’s highly contestable that the Fed set too-loose monetary policy in the early 2000s.  Bernanke made a stern and convincing case in favour of what they did while still Fed chair. 

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What's Wrong with Market Monetarism and NGDP Targeting

TomWoodsTV, Mar 2015

Free-market economist Joe Salerno explains the problems with the fashionable approach of “NGDP targeting.”

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In January 2009, 6 months into the NGDP crash, Blinder was “blind” to the real reasons behind the economic downfall

In January 2009 Alan Blinder wrote in Vox: “Oil shocks redux”:


Why didn’t the most recent run-up in oil prices have dramatic effects as in the 1970s…

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Krugman remains “confused”

Previously, Steve Williamson said Krugman was “confused”. To sort of “settle the issue, in “Demand Policies in Two Big RecessionsKrugman writes: 257 more words

Quotes & Links #48

1) faz.net: Der Kapitalismus ist nicht an allem Schuld

Dabei wird völlig übersehen, dass 99 Prozent aller Deutschen nicht ausgebrannt sind. „Nur 0,3 Prozent haben Burnout“, schreibt der Soziologe und Therapeut Martin Dornes in seinem Aufsatz „Macht der Kapitalismus depressiv?“.

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