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NGINX, PHP and a Blank Page

Got Nginx installed, got PHP installed. All ready to go, but all you get from your test PHP page is… nothing.

Catches me out regularly. The php5-fpm daemon runs as the user “www-data”, but the Nginx daemon runs as “nginx”. 74 more words


Load django static files: the easy way

Negli ultimi mesi sto approfondendo il web framework Django. Nell’ultimo progetto lavorativo,  durante la fase di deployment mi sono imbattuto in un semplice problema: … 94 more words


Can NGINX mirror the HTTP request on multiple destinations?

The short answer seems NO.

Why would one want to mirror the request incoming to one NGINX proxy on even one additional destination, let alone more?  311 more words


Nginx 1.10 and PHP7.0-fpm

Keen to press on a try new suff I figured that seeing as I’d now tried Nginx 1.10 that I’d put that together with PHP 7.0. 407 more words


Zero cost verified https using letsencrypt and nginx for tomcat 8

We have got our application running in the cloud and wanted to implement SSL ( https ) for the requests. We had previously thought it as an expensive affair as the certificate authority like verisign charges decent amount per year. 1,890 more words

AWS Setup


We needed a semi-secure method of transferring files between staff and 3rd parties. To handle those frequent times when someone tries to attach a 150MB file onto an email. 1,198 more words


NGINX and php5-fpm

This new version of NGINX is tending to be a bit of a pain in terms of installation. Gone are the sites-available and sites-enabled folders and it does a couple of things during installation that really grips my goat. 286 more words