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Gender-based violence against Syrian refugees in Lebanon (By Yeghia Tashjian)

Gender-based violence against Syrian refugees in Lebanon  

International Rescue Committee identified three main challenges facing Syrian female refugees; first, sexual exploitation and harassment; second, the increase in domestic violence which makes them feel that their homes are not safe; and third, early and forced marriage. 1,067 more words

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إعادة فتح حرش بيروت: إنجاز أوّل للمجتمع المدني

في 26 أيّار 2016، أعلن محافظ بيروت القاضي زياد شبيب عن فتح حرش بيروت للجميع كافّة أيّام الأسبوع ابتداءًا من تاريخ 6 حزيران 2016 بعد إقفاله لأكثر من عشرين سنة.


Rajshri's River of Hope

Most of us, when we read social media posts about a natural calamity like drought, we click angry-face LIKE and hit ‘Share NOW’, perhaps with a dark comment about government inefficiency. 2,563 more words


Victims of child trafficking can now report abuse on touchscreen kiosks in India

An Indian NGO is installing touchscreen kiosks across the country which vulnerable children can use to ask for help.

Childline was established with the goal of helping children in need.  290 more words

the anna foundation at simonsig wine estate

the anna foundation started working on western cape farms in 2007, providing afterschool clubs for the local farm’s children.  they implement their 3R’s programme – Reading, Running and Right-ing (life skills) with great success and support.   317 more words


Making Life Beautiful With Relief India Trust : Non Profit NGO Review

The beauty of life is seeing all those around us smile. Life is actually magical when we integrate and share as was initially intended by the creator of the Universe. 524 more words

Relief India Trust

Relief India Trust Review Non Profit NGO | A Helping Hand

The human kind has always lived divided, there have always been hierarchies among men. Some live like kings, others cannot; some have all the riches, others have nothing; some control the others, others get controlled by them; some have everything life can offer, others lack everything.The… 460 more words

Relief India Trust