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Safety first in Sri Lanka

Every story he tells seems to have a disastrous ending. He isn’t trying to scare you though, he just wants you to take what he’s saying seriously. 136 more words

Sri Lanka

Meeting Humans Through Sarvahitey

We’re All born humans. All of us. None of us is born with the inherent quality to gain materially, to be rich, to have more in our pockets than when we came to the earth. 227 more words

The Projects

We had already decided on what we were going to operate in, the sectors, and the purposes. This led to us deliberating on the Projects and Drives. 394 more words

Establishing an NGO

As I mentioned earlier, during the period that our legal formalities were being fulfilled, we were serving the society and working for the betterment and upliftment of our underprivileged and financially less fortunate friends and brothers & sisters. 270 more words

Establishing an NGO (The Legalities)

Now that you know where we come from, let me tell you more about how it all went from the meeting at the Park outside India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 291 more words

Establishing an NGO (Prelude)

If I am going to write about Establishing the NGO, I should, according to me, of course, start with how it all started. You know, how it goes with Fables? 405 more words

It’s been quite a year! I had always wanted to volunteer overseas but had always put it off. I would say I would wait until my children are grown, until I am better prepared financially or until I am more skilled.

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