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My First Time: Details

As promised, here is the elaborate post about one of my firsts. I know I fooled everyone with the title, but hey, it got you here didn’t it? 668 more words


I lied...

Last week, I told a lie.

I didn’t mean to, I really didn’t. I told you all, and frankly myself, that I would dedicate this week to one of my memories from my post about firsts.  345 more words


My First Time...

Around this time of the year, mid December, we hope that by now we’ve all hit some milestones in the last 365 days and kept… 440 more words


The Tale Of The Rapid Fire

As the youngest in my family, I had a lot of people to look up to. I was super lucky because I could recognize the mistakes others made and learn from them; I could recognize the awesome things others did and learn from those too. 394 more words


"Mask Off" -Future

For the last few years, I’ve been sort of obsessed with eyelash extensions. You know, those individual lashes that you let some lady with tweezers glue on, one by one, to your eyes as you lay horizontal, with your eyes taped shut. 651 more words


About Us: Nora

Being the youngest in a family of girls is one of those things people call ‘a blessing and a curse.’ Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly nice, but now that I’m 23 years old, being referred to by my older sisters as ‘my baby sister,’ makes things a bit awkward. 494 more words