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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Working in the office today, because yesterday evening’s storm and rain has halted field work.  We are just one field away from having all the corn nitrogen applied. 146 more words


1¾” ACME Steel Cap For NH3 A3175P


The A3175P is a 1¾” ACME cap for use with 1¾” ACME connections for Anhydrous Ammonia service.



"Processo Haber-Bosch"

Nuovo giorno,nuovo tema. Oggi ci interessiamo ad un importante processo chimico dal quale deriva uno dei composti chimici più prodotti e usati a livello industriale: l’ ammoniaca NH3. 197 more words


Northern IL Harvest Update and New RTK Towers in IL and Iowa

by Josh Zuck, Lanark, IL 

Harvest in Northern IL is well underway. Some guys are finished, but most are over half way done. Yields have been really good for most of the area in corn and beans. 246 more words


Che ne è stato poi del brevetto?


Ci sono novità sulla domanda di brevetto italiano presentata lo scorso settembre 2014: l’ufficio brevetti italiano ha inviato la domanda all’ufficio brevetti europeo (EPO, European Patent Office) per la normale ricerca di anteriorità. 596 more words


What ever happened to the patent?

Hi guys,

I’ve got news about the Italian patent, which was filed almost a year ago, in September 2014.

The Italian patent office sent the demand over to the EPO (European Patent Office) for the patentability search, and the EPO examiner found a 2013 US patent, due to which, in his opinion, my patent request lacks the required novelty and inventive step characteristics.  604 more words


Convert a Cultivator to a Side Dress Applicator

by Josh Zuck, Lanark, IL 

The weather has been pretty hot and dry up in Northern IL.  The corn is looking good in most of the area. 181 more words

Josh Zuck