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George Parros injured in fight

During the third period of last nights game between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs, George Parros and Colton Orr squared off for the second time. 160 more words

Andy Misek

OHL fighting restrictions paying off

Nearly one full season complete, and it appears the Ontario Hockey League’s sanctions on fighting have put a serious dent in the amount of fisticuffs you’re seeing during league action. 860 more words


Medical journal demands immediate end to 'brutal tradition' of hockey fights

By Sheila Dabu Nonato

OTTAWA — Society “should hang its head in shame” for not banning the “brutal tradition” of fighting and hits in hockey, according to the Canadian Medical Association Journal. 416 more words


Wayne Scanlan: Debunking the myth that hockey fights are game changers

Fraught as they are with other issues in a changing culture, hockey fights get way too much credit as “game changers.” 850 more words


CHL trying to stop juniors from following Derek Boogaard's path

The next Derek Boogaard is out there, somewhere, dropping his gloves and literally trying to punch his ticket to the National Hockey League. 1,670 more words


Is Hockey Getting Soft?

Have we seen the beginning of the end of the physical play displayed in the above videos? It’s looking more and more like the NHL is moving towards a less physical game. 630 more words