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Friday Quick Graphs: Are the 2014-15 Buffalo Sabres the Worst Team of All-Time?

This is part-opportunity to finally explore this question, and part-opportunity to tout some existing and upcoming data visualizations for HG. Travis Yost has been following the absolutely terrible Sabres season… 350 more words

NHL League-Wide Analysis

Interactive Data Visualizations at Hockey Graphs

I’ve been spending the bulk of my time recently putting together interactive data visualizations to be hosted at Hockey Graphs (link). These include historical charts of team shooting percentages, as well as metrics I have derived such as 2-Period Shot Percentage ( 159 more words

NHL History

Spread of NHL Team Shooting Performances, Year-to-Year 1952-53 through 2013-14

Sort of a mid-week quick graph…I’ve been compiling data for a different project and curiosity got the best of me to see what the spread in team shooting percentages was in NHL history. 280 more words

NHL League-Wide Analysis

Remembering the Toronto St. Particks

Happy St. Patricks Day! The day where everyone is Irish because, well, beer!

I just wanted to take a minute out of the day’s festivities to talk about the Toronto St. 159 more words

Team History in Shots-For Percentage in the First Two Periods (2pS%), 1952-53 to 2013-14

Doing some more experimentation with interactive data visualization, this time with Tableau. This is also the point where I find out the generic WP sites don’t let you embed Tableau, so you’ll have to navigate to this one for the fun. 18 more words


Interactive Player Career Charting, Using Percentage of Team Shots (%TSh) - 1967-68 to 2012-13

I’ve been putting together this data for quite a while, but then it lay dormant for a bit. Nevertheless, I wanted to tinker, and give you something you can tinker with as well. 159 more words

NHL History

Percentage of NHL Players at Selected Heights (71, 72, 73 Inches), 1917-18 to 2014-15

Per Michael Lopez’s request, I broke the height data into 71, 72, and 73 inch measures to see if there was any indication of a 6-foot bias, or the tendency to settle on the round measure rather than necessarily using the true measure. 27 more words