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Politicians must acknowledge the problems within the NHS before any serious steps can be taken to save it…

It is because we can all identify or agree with the principles of our healthcare system – to meet the needs of everyone; to be free at the point of delivery; and that it be based on clinical need and not the ability to pay, that it has become such a focus and play thing for successive Governments and the politicians within. 990 more words

The 'McDonaldlisation' approach to reform in health and social care is as unhealthy as a triple whatever with cheese and fries....

A couple of years ago a social work student suggested government policy wanted to make us all ‘beige’. I know what she means.

Of course commentators might suggest we are seeing a radical shift in emphasis across health and social care under the coalition resulting in an ideologically driven reshaping in our understanding of legitimate nature, and limits, of the state in individuals lives. 191 more words

GPs confirm NHS suffering from 'cancerous growth that needs to be removed'

Doctors have confirmed this morning that the National Health Service (NHS) is suffering from a damaging malignant growth that must be surgically removed as quickly as possible.  442 more words


'Over 50's more scared of dementia than cancer': I'm more terrified of the 'harrowing neglect' in our care system ......

As The Telegraph report people over 50 are more scared of dementia than cancer, I have to say I am terrified of any condition which might mean I need to rely on our care system when I get older. 755 more words

Gov.co.uk "not fit for purpose" Not the NHS!

Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s A&E ‘not fit for purpose’

The accident and emergency department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich has been declared “not fit for purpose” by hospital inspectors. 411 more words

Cash-strapped NHS

The Peoples’ Inquiry raised concerns over London hospital services “unravelling” largely due to a lack of a specific management strategy for the capital.

Now, an article in the… 831 more words

The abuse of older people is an age old problem globally.....

As the BBC expose the abuse of older people with undercover filming on Panorama (9pm,30/04/2014), I wonder will we ever care about older people?

For many staying out of harm’s way is a matter of locking doors and windows and avoiding dangerous places, people and situations; however for some older people it is not quite so easy. 792 more words