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Lib Dem proposals to save our beloved NHS

Picketing and demonstrations or a properly costed policy which will provide proper long-term funding for the NHS. Which do you think is the most likely to succeed? 641 more words

Liberal Democrats

Soaring numbers of NHS executives are being hired while shortages of nurses are growing

If we are to save the NHS and ensure it meets the needs of today’s generations we must help it change its culture  and its systems. 1,061 more words

Mr Hunt, weekend effect aside, the NHS is in crisis - both patients and staff experience it

Angeliki Kerasidou and Patricia Kingori, Ethox Centre

On Saturday the 10th of August, the Nobel-prize winning physicist Steven Hawking, addressed an audience at the Royal Society of Medicine. 607 more words

The Health Debate – Learning from the USA!!

Can we learn from this loathsome reptile the way to have a debate on health by doing the exact opposite of what he does?!

No, I haven’t quite taken leave of the few senses that I have when I suggest that we can look at the United States and learn from the way they are conducting their health debate! 1,252 more words

Health Service Debate

If we want good health we need to pay for it

Norman Lamb was a first class Health Minister and Lib Dem Health Spokesperson. The policy he announced today shows courage and determination as well as a desire to bring people of all Parties and none together  to try and achieve a consensus on these vital issues… 1,019 more words

Health Service Debate

NHS Reform

The NHS is always in crisis and the biggest risk, outside of total collapse, is that a government looks to shift the burden on the coffers by essentially privatising parts of the organisation. 215 more words