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NHS Reform

The NHS is always in crisis and the biggest risk, outside of total collapse, is that a government looks to shift the burden on the coffers by essentially privatising parts of the organisation. 215 more words


Putting Councils at the heart of Health and Social Care

The problems of health and social care will not be solved by privatisation or by demonstrations outside hospitals but by careful work and thinking about how to update both these sectors to meet new needs… 1,632 more words

Lib Dems

Will demonstrating save or help the NHS?

A couple of Labour councillors criticised us Lib Dems for not supporting a demonstration yesterday in favour of the NHS. It’s a pity that they weren’t listening in the so-called debate we had on the issue on Wednesday in the council chamber. 1,005 more words


Should GP practices be open 7 days a week?

We should support the RCGP and GPs generally not ask them to do the impossible with stretched budgets and too few staff

We are asking a hell of a lot from our GPs at the moment. 1,005 more words

'Old age,more feared than death'…... have we ever cared about older people?

Has there ever been a ‘golden age’ where older people were consistently valued, respected and protected by family and the institutions that make up wider society? 718 more words

CQC, older people & funding cuts:It's not just about the money….

As CQC yet again bring to government and wider societies attention the poor levels of care some older people experience, one wonders will we ever get to grips with this issue? 625 more words

Cuts to chemists 'will hit poor most'

As many as 3,000 community pharmacies are at risk after the Department of Health announced it was cutting their funding by £170 million. The Government says the cuts are justified because there are “more pharmacies than necessary” in some areas, leading to a “clustering” of High Street chemists. 621 more words

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