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5/14/2018: Awaiting Morning Rain

I’ve decided to do as little riding as possible today and tomorrow. The old legs need some rest. It’s interesting, that after the absurd amount of riding I’ve done the past week, that my legs have only lost a marginal amount of strength and stamina. 881 more words


That time I ate so much nutritional yeast I got a rash

Are you familiar with nutritional yeast? If you’re not a vegan, vegetarian or health nut, you probably aren’t. I remember I went in search of it 6 year ago(!) when my health nut phase was just beginning and no one in the UK had ever heard of it. 778 more words


Schizophrenic disorders are characterized by perceptual changes (hallucinations) and thought disorder (delusions). These are pellagra syndromes, including Huntington’s disease, some Parkinsonism patients, schizoaffective patients, and LSD induced psychosis.

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Niacin (vitamin B3)

Click below on the link to download the power point show about chemical and physical properties of niacin:

Chemical and physical properties of niacin

Click below on the link to download the power point show about significance and sources of niacin in food: 82 more words

Clinical Pharmacology

Sweet Potato Chicken Hotpot

This simple but delicious recipe fills you up and will use any leftover chicken you don’t want to waste!

Leftover roast potatoes can also be used to top the hotpot, just bake in the oven for a little less time! 270 more words


Niacin Update

It’s been a bit (over 2 months) since I started on niacin.

The flush felt crazy the first two times, that’s why they say slide into it with 50 mg. 103 more words


Overview of Vitamins found in Herbs

Phytomedicine is the practice of using proven, traditional methods of herb-based medicines. Before I continue writing articles on herbs I thought it was important to create a post that I can reference to when discussing herbs and their nutritive properties… I do plan on continuing to expand on this, anyways… here you go. 2,280 more words

Beta Carotene