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Niacin for Depression: Week 1 Progress (day 3,4,5)

Oh MY GODDD!  My face is on fire!

I knew that there would be “flushing” involved.  But I had NO idea it would feel like I stuck my head in an oven… 292 more words

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Niacin For Depression... Say WHAT?

One day not long ago I was feeling pretty down.  It was the type of day where I just wanted to stay in bed and watch Netflix… so I did.  394 more words

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How I Got Through Metabolic Biochemistry - Book Excerpt of the Week 

​When I was studying biochemistry and food science, the best way to help myself remember the important stuff was through story. While writing my book, I made a point of sharing all my stories to help others remember what the B-vitamins and other ingredients do. 131 more words

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What Are The Health Benefits of Vitamin B3?

Vitamin. B3 is one of the 8 B vitamins that is also known as niacin. Niacin belongs to the group of the B complex vitamins and act great on our overall health. 43 more words


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Clear the Sludge without Statins

Five generations ago people cleaned their blood vessels by fasting one morning a week on nothing but water until noon.  Their natural digestive enzymes cleansed the arteries.   546 more words

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Mushrooms: The Fun Guys

While out for breakfast on the weekend, my boyfriend said to me – what’s so good about mushrooms? if he’s intrigued, I’m sure others are too. 384 more words