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Why Taking Niacin Turns People Lobster Red

Some of you have tried, for various reasons, taking niacin. Some have also shortly after experienced a sensation of sudden, all-encompassing, prickly heat and looked in a mirror to find yourself lobster red.

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Let's "B" Real: A Blog About the B Vitamins ( Part 1 of 2 )


Out of all the vitamins we hear about, almost none is spoken of more highly than the B vitamins.  They have such an integral role in the efficient running of or bodies and our nervous system, that it’s definitely not something we want to lack.   563 more words


Health Is Everything

I believe that vitamins are essential to life. I started taking vitamins when I was about 18 & have been taking them ever since. I think the first brand of vitamins I took was called Geritol (multivitamin) my grandmother bought them for me. 243 more words


Is There Still a Place for Niacin in the CKD Therapeutic Armamentarium?

In the May issue of AJKD, Streja et al reviewed the use of niacin in the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD). The review explores the effects of niacin on lipid profile, oxidative stress, inflammation, endothelial function, and serum phosphate; all potential pathogenetic factors in CKD progression. 661 more words


The Power of the Peanut

Refuel by harnessing the Power of the Peanut

Exercising can take a lot out of you. So after your next walk, refuel with the 7g of protein and 6 essential nutrients found in peanuts. 86 more words

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Vitamin Breakdown Series (Part 4: Vitamin B3)

Welcome back for week 3 of discussing another B vitamin. This week I focus my time on the third child of the B vitamin family, B3. 389 more words

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Beverage Fortification 101 -- Food Science in the News

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of options in the beverage aisle of a supermarket? When I was a kid, my options were simple: milk, juice, soda, coffee, water, or sports drinks. 169 more words

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