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Positive Effects of Niacin on Cholesterol

Niacin is a B vitamin that has long been associated with keeping your body healthy.  Many vitamin supplement companies use niacin in their daily multivitamin products to help keep your digestive system, nervous system, skin, hair, and eyes healthy.  498 more words


Law Firm Using Television Ads to Target Scientology's Deceptive Narconon Drug Treatment Centers

Law firms are beginning to take notice of Church of Scientology-licensed and owned Narconon:

As I have documented, The Church of Scientology had >$1.7 billion in 990-T 2012 book value. 813 more words

The Scientology Money Project

In The News: CoQ10 Proves Its Worth Again

Heart To Heart: News & Tips For A Healthy Heart

New research on the supplement CoQ10, recently published in American and European medical journals, shows that it increases survival rates and decreases hospitalizations for people being treated for heart failure. 593 more words

Fish Oil

Vitamins | Minerals

Retinol | A

  • Promotes growth of skin, hair, teeth, and eyes.
  • Maintains eyesight + overall health.
  • Improves health of mucus membranes.
  • Benefits the development of skeletal tissue.
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L. Ron Hubbard and CIA Locksteps - Nicotinic Acid and Insanity

 Hubbard has to be stopped in a variety of ways. His “therapy” is I believe a form of conditioning and he is out for what appears to be, control of this planet.

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Niacin to end the nightmare

Nutrients make our bodies work. Cells need them to carry out their daily function of whatever the heck they do, and Failing to get these nutrients our body needs from our diet never ends well if we keep it up for a long time. 221 more words