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I lie relaxing in my room across from the Niagra Falls. Yes, I have window open even though it’s very cold for this sunshine loving girl. 229 more words



Made it into Canada today!! Really exciting. My spouse’s great friends decided to take us on a trip to the Niagra Falls. It’s their treat to show us their support and love. 379 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Force of Nature

The river was wild and untamed this afternoon dashing madly over rocks and advancing like a cavalry charge racing to the precipice and the final crevice which is about twenty metres wide, and is at right angles to the flow of the river which results in a dramatic water plunge and an atmosphere full of hanging mist and as we watched we were left in no doubt about the wonderful power of nature.

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The Art of Living

Trigger Warning: References to child abuse, mental health difficulties and hearing voices

‘I love the person I am because I fought to become her’ (Kaci Diane) 983 more words

Mental Health

Running away

Mary considered running away

She thought about it every day since the first punch

That Sunday when he came home drunk, and lunch wasn’t on the table… 421 more words

A To Z 2015


Right, on to Niagra Falls! If I’m honest this and Boston were what I booked the trip for – I thought I could take or leave the rest (though I was happy to be spending a bit of time in Canada). 301 more words

In Transit