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Walking by Faith

Often our Scouts set up a  tether between two trees to experience the struggle of     balancing  oneself on an unstable surface. They waver, take a timid step and often lose their balance and fall (spotted by another scout of course!). 305 more words


The Big Falls

Niagra Falls was a wonder to behold.

Navigating the area and stuffing in all of the experiences we wanted to experience into five hours was another wonder. 497 more words


Travelling with Hashimoto’s

If you know me, you already know this…if you don’t then here ya go: I suffer from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and 90% of my symptoms reside in my stomach. 679 more words



What messiah will resurrect the appreciation
Unadorned with Turner put downs and depreciation
Of nature and natural landscapes
Without qualification of enjoyment?

Deployment of troops for ‘The Monuments Men’ 40 more words

There's magic

“There’s magic in the water that draws all men away from the land, that leads them over hills, down creeks and streams and rivers to the sea”.
Herman Melville


Niagra Falls, Prepare to Get Wet

Niagra Falls, Summer 2017.

The iconic Canadian/American Falls has been on my bucket list for while, and this past summer I got to experience Niagra Falls, CA for FIRST TIME! 60 more words

Road Trip to Canada: Niagara Falls and Toronto

My travel bug began to bite again a few months ago so my friend and I planned a road trip to Canada. I’m a relatively laid back traveler, meaning I don’t really plan too much beforehand…this can be a good thing or a bad thing. 593 more words