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Ni**as in Paris: Kanye West & Jay Z get VideoJacked.

“Videojacking: Action of stealing a music video, an audiovisual work, even before the artist asked for itself, ordered, undertook, realized, and even thought about it.”

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Yasiin Bey, Ni**as In Poorest

Ni**as in Poorest, Yasiin Bey’s (formerly known as Mos Def) version of Jay & ‘Ye’s popular single, Ni**as In Paris, brings *most of us* all back to the raw and not so fabulous reality that is, our hoods.   718 more words


Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) | Ni**as in Poorest

The newly reinvented Mos Def has offered us an audio reinterpretation, of  Jay and Ye’s, “Ni**as in Paris.” Bey offers us a newly formulated mix of the production that meshes science fiction sound with socially astute lyricism. 54 more words