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Leaving Costa Rica

I had been cycling for many days, occasionally taking a bus but mostly making my way on the bike. When I started it seemed like it was going to take a long time to get anywhere, but later when I checked a map it was hard to believe I was in the middle of the country, and then I was getting close to the Nicaragua border. 495 more words



We took a chicken plane from Roatan Island and oh wow it was an interesting flight. As we came into land, we did a U turn at such a fast pace to meet the runway, with the houses in the cliffs appearing far too close to our windows.. 1,166 more words


Life on Little Corn Island

Not to say we were growing tired of Central America, but we were craving a change of pace and escaping to Litte Corn Island sounded like the perfect answer. 502 more words


The Payne Gang

Spending time with family…doesn’t get much better than that. It was so hard to say goodbye yesterday, but the memories made will help carry us through our service until we can all be together again.

Peace Corps

Ortega-Chavez-Bush, December 3, 2006

Since I was assigned to illustrate Miami’s columnist Andres Oppenheimer the Chavez-Bush soap-opera became a permanent stuff. In this case the author claims that the American government pays so much attention to the Middle East that loses grip of the developments in Latin America. 136 more words


The Importance of Traveling

As someone who has been privileged to be able to travel around the United States for the past 3 years,  the experience is incredible to travel outside your hometown.   975 more words


City of Murals

I was born and grew up in a city of murals. Every blank space in Philadelphia more or less has some artwork on it- paintings of people, nature, new concept art. 228 more words

Peace Corps