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Nicaragua's Canal: A Socialist Project for Economic Change

Tortilla Con Sal | July 29, 2015

The fundamental argument in favor of Nicaragua’s Interoceanic Canal is that it will change the structure of Nicaragua’s economy in such a way as to dramatically reduce poverty and so enable a reversal of the current destructive national and regional trends of impoverishment-driven environmental depredation.

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What Decides a Day in Nicaragua

This past week, a particularly frustrating day led me to have a heart-to-heart with one of my classes. This is hard for me too, I said. 484 more words


The Cigar Makers of Estelí

The highlands of north-west Nicaragua have the perfect climate for growing two plants that have become massively important to the country’s economy – coffee and tobacco. 1,091 more words


Nicaragua Mission Trip – Day 5

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Wednesday, July 22 – Today was a full workday in the village. We had our typical large breakfast, which always included eggs, salsa, rice and beans, and freshly-squeezed juice along with some kind of carb. 571 more words


Jump Off the 5 Year Plan Bandwaggon

So I am on the plane to Managua, thinking of what I’m going to tell everyone back in the U.S about my volunteer trip to Nicaragua.  242 more words


A Letter From The Miskito

I met this guy who is true Miskito (which I was like a high school-girl-with-a-crush excited about). I had lunch with him and his manager at their work a couple days later and I asked him to speak to me in his native tongue. 86 more words


Signs from the Universe

I’ve never really explicitly realized this about myself until recently, but I have always been a big believer in/proponent of ~signs~ that point me in the right direction. 1,125 more words