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Dallas, Part IV

I’m the oldest son in my family. I had an older brother, Allen, but he got dead when he was very young.

Despite what you may have heard, there are only two causes of death. 1,279 more words


Glass Slippers and Stilettos - Regina and the Nice Guy (Fragment)

It was a particularly beautiful summer when they met, one filled with sweet poetry of hope and unrequited dreams, when the remains of old loves become the seeds of new ones and the magic of a sunset can make everything seem possible… even for a beautiful, intelligent and independent young woman like Regina to fall in love with a Nice Guy like him. 504 more words

The lion and the fox

June 16/16

I am a lion according to Liam, he said my hair is like a mane haha it’s that kind of colour, dirty blonde. I have decided if I am a lion than he should be a fox, I have a weird obsession with Foxes since moving to England, we don’t really have them in Canada – they are the equivalent of raccoons. 465 more words

You Ain't No Good Guy...

…if you treat other people like s#*t for being different.

Thanksgiving, 1976

Back when I was in Oklahoma, the holiday season was approaching. I was living in the barracks again. My attempts to live off base with a couple of roommates had ended in disaster. 1,875 more words


You Can Turn Potatoes Into Pie, But You Can't Turn Sh*t Into Sugar: Don't Force It!

Been gone for a minute now I’m back with the jumpoff!

Controversy doesn’t sleep, but it does take impromptu summer breaks! I apologize for nothing! 1,866 more words


Dallas, Part II

Shorty and I flew into Dallas on a Friday or Saturday, I think. I know it was the weekend. We spent a couple days getting to know our host and hostess. 3,746 more words