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149: Who says drama needs the main character?




A lot has happened lately. I’m in NY right now, and rapidly losing control of my life. Petra is telling everyone that we did it. 25 more words


148: Who loves self-pity? Me!




Well, its been a rough day. Lots I could say, but… Idk. Petra and I seem to have finished. I can’t express the pain I’m feeling. 62 more words


147: To more drama.... and a license!




So. Petra broke up with me today. I haven’t written in over a week, but I’m only writing in here for one reason. 175 more words


Not again.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve learnt to love myself, or at least, not hate myself anymore. But I keep making friends, and friends that I want to keep as friends, somehow don’t seem to want to be just friends. 775 more words


The Nice Guy vs. The One

This is going to piss off a lot of people.  That is not it’s intent.  Currently my love life is in a bit of a disarray but these are the biggest thing i’ve noticed.   719 more words

Lost Love and Missed Connections

Speaking from personal experience I can say that I’ve missed “The One” a few times. For reasons ranging from being to young and immature to wanting to spread my own wings. 452 more words

Lost Love

Mending My Ways

I have done much harm to people in my life like every other soul on this planet. Whether emotional, physical or mental hurting the people around us is usually unavoidable. 315 more words