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Friendzone: The Ultimate Hangout for Nice Guys like You!

Hey there, Friend! Are you a Nice Guy? Are you always around to lend a shoulder, hand, or ear but never seem to get any farther? 598 more words

This got me

Real Talk – This hit me real hard.  There has been many times where I missed the window, putting our friendship on the line, and friend-zoned myself. 19 more words

Being Myself


  • Remind me to stop going on tinder dates with clearly unattractive guys. There is no point. Tonight I met up with a disarmingly nervous, Jonah Hill doppelganger who loves English literature and the arts.
  • 77 more words

Beta Benefits

This blog is primarily about Alphaness in all its dimensions.

But what about Beta people – is Beta really all that bad?

No, not at all. 701 more words


Link: The Fake Player or 'Nice Guy' Fuckboy


These have always been around.

They’re trying to play both fields, good girls and bad.

The simplest filter is to refuse to sleep with them, hence the infamous Nice Guy meltdown. 275 more words


170: Sickness on both sides, but bored in the middle




I really miss building models. Pretty boring weekend. Skype with Petra. All she did was talk about her new BF. Anyways, END! 14 more words


169: A long overdue sentiment of this blog




Umm… so this blogs been going ok so far. I’ve even got a couple of followers. Not sure why though. I guess reading about others lives is intriguing. 17 more words