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Mr "Nice Guy".

Ahhhhhh the “nice guy”. Not be confused with the actual legitimate nice guy, the “nice guy” is something altogether different.

What is a “nice guy” 725 more words

The Break Dancing King

I marvel at the skill of these guys!

Not only was this guy an extremely skilled athlete but he was a nice guy to boot. Look at the photo below. 21 more words


Wishful Thinking

The good boy’s sweet to me,
He’s innocent and kind.
The good boy favors me,
But he’s not on my mind.

The bad boy looks at me, 67 more words


The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich

Are you a ‘Nice Guy’ or a ‘Bad Boy’? Cale Dietrich creates a perfect spy comedy in his incredible debut The Love Interest. I’ve been waiting for this book for MONTHS and was  so lucky to receive an advanced copy of it. 850 more words

Reviews Of The YA Sort

Nice Guy, huh.

Unreciprocated love sucks, we get it.

But I’ll be writing this because I do have a soft heart for the nice guys.

The problem is not that you’re nice, the problem is that you are too nice it creeps people out. 691 more words


Can You Be Too Nice?

I know, it’s cliche. When guys say they’re ‘nice guys’ they are normally douchebags, but I think I am a nice guy. My friends all say I’m nice to be around and that I’m romantic, sweet and I look at the big picture of the relationship instead of the ‘hit it and quit it’ side.   299 more words