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TATBILB: Julio, My First Heartbreak

I met him in middle school

Funny, intelligent & a nice guy

Always supportive and cared for me.

One day in high school,

We had a petty fight… 169 more words

The Big Difference: "Nice Guys" vs. "Good Guys"

I seem to have been living under a rock. Apparently, there is a difference between the “Nice Guys” and the “Good Guys”.

We used to run from Nice Guys. 498 more words


Don't Be a D.O.N.G

I want to bring up an issue that seems to have been plaguing men since the dawn of time. A condition that leaves men either spineless or with a 20 foot rod up their ass. 617 more words


No More Mr Nice Guy

A few years ago a friend recommended a book he had read, called ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’. I recently bought it and have found it fascinating to read. 773 more words


But i'm a nice guy

The thing about ‘nice guys’ if they have to tell you, they’re a ‘nice guy’ they probably aren’t.

I am sick of being guilt tripped by these ‘nice guys’ when things don’t work out. 282 more words

How being 'nice' screwed me!

There used to be a time when I used to say ‘Yes’ to everyone.

Friend: “Hey! You want to go watch that new movie?”

Me: … 1,265 more words

Nice Guy Syndrome.

He’s good to his sister.

He’s kind to his mother.

He listens on their first date.

He looks at her and can’t believe his luck. 333 more words