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Mr Nice Guy

It’s a
Nice night

All of
The shadows
Are playing
In this
Moon light

And i
Look outside

And i
Think of

And of… 200 more words


18 Genuine Things All Nice Guys Do

1. That thing where you’re walking together on the sidewalk, you’re closer to the street and he’s on the inside. Then he steps behind you and to the outside, sweeping you in, ensuring you’re a tiny bit safer from stray vehicles. 188 more words

The Bachelorette Episodes 3 & 4

I was excited and full of anticipation about this week’s episodes given that Sophie’s Mum and Dad were chauffeuring the bros who were going to make complete and utter arses of themselves in front of their potential in-laws.  1,070 more words


Mr. Nice Guy


Not goldie.

Not platinum-y.

Not stainless steely.

Not Iron Man.


I find it ironic that the people say, “I’m a nice person” are usually not. 365 more words


Episodes 1 & 2

I’ve never watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.  I would rather stick a red hot iron rod through the middle of my eye, especially when it comes to The Bachelor – who wants to see a bunch of women trying to gain the affections of a man on TV when you can look out your window and see it play out on life’s centre stage?  1,035 more words


Photo-A-Day, Day 14, 8/28/2017

Here is one of my best downtown buddies. This gentleman was one of my Up Close and Personal photographs last Spring. I see him often when I go downtown for photos. 56 more words


Assholes Abound

Rowland was a coworker and we bonded over our mutual hatred of the giant corporation we worked for. This was not a rare sentiment amongst our fellow employees so I didn’t think much of it, but he would talk frequently of how connected we were and how refreshing it was to find someone else who “got it.” He also made a touching amount of effort to continue the friendship even after he had left the company. 1,074 more words