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Watching TV

So for me to watch a good TV show requires two things, first it requires a good tv show because let’s face it I had to state the obvious with it lol. 299 more words


Day 375 - Being a nice guy fear

From my last post, walking this with Self-forgiveness – the universe’s greatest support as it’s about becoming aware of patterns I accepted and taking responsibility for stop participating by understanding the specificity of how I behave automatically and within that I get a chance to see the pattern before doing it and thus being able to say – I did this and realized that it’s not the best, let’s just stop acting this out and see what’s possible besides this particular pattern…. 1,509 more words

Journey To Life

There are still some nice people in the world

Byron… What a nice guy, today I walked into The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for my morning coffee and whatever else they have that I may like, well today I chose an everything bagel. 48 more words

The Rebel Wannabe

The year was 1956 and the times were changing rapidly. Rock ‘n Roll music had taken over the radio waves. Fast cars and leather jackets were in; the Ivy League, clean cut, boy-next-door look was out. 281 more words

Flash Fiction

An Open Letter to Incels

Dear Incels,


Take a deep breath.

Are you calm now? Good.

I’ve seen your opinions online. I’ve seen the videos explaining your point of view. 478 more words

Amateur Writing

Strictly Platonic: Why You Should Never Use the Word Friendzone

We’ve all heard the phrase “friendzone” before. It’s used so casually in conversation these days that it has become normalized. Every time you hear that someone’s feelings aren’t returned by the person they’re interested in, they say they got friendzoned. 1,565 more words

A Dying Breed

I am putting the Star Wars fan-fiction on hold for now. I will eventually come back to it, but my brain isn’t ready to dive into a whole new world and create things while my focus is still on Palmara, and waiting to see if it is received by a book agent. 244 more words