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Sometimes my mind vomits phrases, dented and garbled from their time spent in that dark and filthy hovel, and I wonder where I’ve heard it before. 734 more words

Endangered Species

Why The Nice Guy Is The Guy You Should Avoid

It’s 2016, the year of the infamous fuckboy.

If you have yet to come across the laughable but highly accurate term that labels 85% of millennial guys – I’ll give you a quick spiel, courtesy of… 744 more words



My darling niece, Danielle Knosalla, just posted a photo of my nursing class on our Graduation Day. We’re FB friends. Some of you have expressed awe and wonder at my seemingly amazing memory. 872 more words


A long rant about Nice Guys, Nice Girls, and the Art of Being Single and not Settling

Disclaimer: over the course of this rant, I will be speaking in broad generalities. Yes, there are exceptions to everything I am about to talk about. 2,332 more words


Video: Spare feelings, save conflict

Well this is bullshit. False dichotomy much?
Polite is not correct or nice. Frank is not wrong or nasty. Feelings or facts, as seen?

Honest people aren’t rude. 794 more words

11 Ways To Tell If He’s Actually The Nice Guy He Appears To Be

1. He’s true to his word.

When he says he’ll be there at 7:30, he’s there at 7:30, not texting you at 7:25 to say he’s out with the guys and running late, or worse, texting you at 7:45 to say he’s on his way (aka just left the house). 743 more words

“Information, at last!”: The Untold Read-Along Part Two

Welcome to The Untold Tale read-along! The Untold Tale by J.M. Frey is the first book in the Accidental Turn series, the second book of which, … 1,284 more words