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Nice guys win - Study reports women repulsed by liars and cheats


Once a cheat, always a cheat.

Who’d wanna invest in a relationship with that? Would they lend money to a druggie?

But it turns out that women do actually prefer kind, considerate and charitable men over rivals who may be better looking but have lower moral standards.

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What's wrong with a nice guy?

I know girls like bad boys, a little bit of danger and all that. And sure I like a guy who can handle himself, who’s strong and confident and masculine. 399 more words

Date Plans

Today, I was casually shopping for wine, talking to Nice Guy and I turned the corner and almost bumped into a man. He smiled at me and immediately said “Hey!! 473 more words


I'm not a nice guy anymore

I’ve realized something over the last… year, I guess.  I’m not a nice guy anymore.  

Depending on how long you’ve been following me that might not make much sense, but for most of my life I was the absolute, stereotypical, boy scout, “nice guy”.   924 more words


The Second Date.

Second date with Mr. Nice Guy was a wonderful success! Granted it wasn’t much of a date by normal date standards. Seems we might have skipped a few steps, but I think it might have been necessary… Though it might suggest that he was using Tinder in the way that most think it’s meant to be used.  1,499 more words


Unsustainable: on the sad truth about romance & millennials

Perhaps a few of you have heard about Japans’ growing problem of low birth rates & high amounts of unmarried young people and americas’ growing amount of young people not having kids, causing the birth rate to drop here as well. 1,108 more words