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A letter I'll never send

I saw this in a few places and I thought, I’ve always thought I needed to write to someone. It’s been 2 years today and I’m ready to say things I never said to them when it happened. 1,138 more words


Not all people suck

Yes this is a follow up to my last post. Yesterday I attended a wedding of a friend/ex-colleague. It reminded me of non-sucky people. I got a job lead, and met another perennially single former colleague and the wedding was really good. 94 more words


"Her coworker threatened to kill me if I try to go anywhere near her"

I was in a relationship with someone for close to 3 years. We had decided early on that we wanted to get married. Recently, though, she broke it off, shifting all the blame on me. 205 more words

Advice Needed

Tell Him You Love Him Before Someone Else Will

It’s not every day that he’s going to be there to plant kiss on your forehead and tell you how lovely you are, or pick you up when you’re stranded at a bar and unable to drive home, or surprise you with gifts on special occasions because he knows how quickly it makes your eyes squint with joy. 510 more words

Video: Fake "Nice Guy" moves, really manipulation

If you’re doing it for a reaction, you aren’t doing it to be ‘nice’ (endogenous, innate and continues to exist in every setting with any person or even alone). 95 more words


Not a Nice Guy anymore

Not writing in my own language makes me feel secure. I like this sense of protection.

I started to write on the forum of the… 269 more words

Personal Thoughts

I learned one big lesson this Thanksgiving break from fashion designer-turned-director Tom Ford: in the event of a nice guy, run.

The phrase, “He’s such a nice guy” is one I hear too often. 2,266 more words