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Tinder is a weird & wonderful place full of wankers, fuckboys, cheaters, weirdos and the occasional normal person.

But yesterday I matched with & got chatting to someone who didn’t fit completely into any of those categories (as far as I know anyway). 243 more words

Is he a nice guy or am I just ugly?

Now that I’m past all that Carter bullshit I feel more vulnerable than ever. I feel like I’m in a place that I don’t want to be. 923 more words

Personal Experience

Here's Why You Should Date The Introverted Nice Guy

Nice guys exist. Believe me they do, because I have realised that I have been looking in all the wrong places. Instead I should have been looking in the direction where I have never looked before. 803 more words

Atheist Brutally Murders Tree in Rapidly Escalating War on Christmas

SEATTLE — Local officials were shocked to see an innocent Christmas tree maimed by a barbaric atheist yesterday evening.


The Seattle District Attorney is launching an investigation and will press charges against the perpetrator. 13 more words


What would you have done?

Hey, you think the chick should run away with the thug instead? a clear display of the badboy/nice guy dichotomy here.

A letter I'll never send

I saw this in a few places and I thought, I’ve always thought I needed to write to someone. It’s been 2 years today and I’m ready to say things I never said to them when it happened. 1,138 more words


Not all people suck

Yes this is a follow up to my last post. Yesterday I attended a wedding of a friend/ex-colleague. It reminded me of non-sucky people. I got a job lead, and met another perennially single former colleague and the wedding was really good. 94 more words