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Kathryn Stevenson

Graduation is approaching and, apart from feeling extremely withered from nearly four years of excessive boozing, there is a slight smell of smugness in the air as we don our robes and head for the skies. 771 more words


The future's Neon - Neon waltz interviewed

Downstairs at Glasgow’s Nice N Sleazy a group of young men stand slightly awkwardly as a photographer moves them about and snaps away.
They are Neon Waltz and if music tastemakers like Vic Galloway, NME and Jim Gellatly are to be believed they’re going to have to get used to this kind of attention. 1,075 more words


Happy birthday to me!

6.00am: Woken by two hungry cats.

7.00am: Open birthday cards, total two. Check Facebook for birthday messages, total three.

9.00am: Annual bath.

9.45am: Road trip. 274 more words

Ursa Mae: the band with more talented singers than most shows

I’m an asshole at gigs. Occasionally I fall into the trap of believing I know what I’m talking about, so I asked a friend at this show before this band took to the stage “Are they shite?”. 374 more words


The Best Shows Are Always The Unexpected Ones ft. Swallows

Shows are possibly the best part of being in a band. The logistics of show is possibly the worst part of being a band. Swallows were due to start an 8 day tour last week. 548 more words


Photos: Transcension @ Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow

Usually when people write about great gigs they mean gigs that were packed to the rafters with a crowd that are as ravenous as the band throwing themselves about on the stage. 208 more words


Photos: Life on Standby @ Nice 'n' Sleazy, Glasgow

Touring is hard. Or so I’m told. I’ve no idea. I like my own bed and dislike places I don’t know particularly well. Touring isn’t really my thing, but if you’re a band then it kind of has to be a thing. 246 more words