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Photos: Transcension @ Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow

Usually when people write about great gigs they mean gigs that were packed to the rafters with a crowd that are as ravenous as the band throwing themselves about on the stage. 208 more words


Photos: Life on Standby @ Nice 'n' Sleazy, Glasgow

Touring is hard. Or so I’m told. I’ve no idea. I like my own bed and dislike places I don’t know particularly well. Touring isn’t really my thing, but if you’re a band then it kind of has to be a thing. 246 more words


Photos: Jasmine @ Nice 'n' Sleazys, Glasgow

It’s always a pleasant surprise to discover new artists on a bill that’s dominated by bands you’re already familiar with. Jasmine turned out to be one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve ever come across at a gig. 152 more words


Live Review: Southern

October 12, Nice ’n’ Sleazy

Just before the release of their new single ‘Cool Kid’ on October 20th, Belfast-born brother and sister duo Southern stopped by Nice ’n’ Sleazy as part of their UK tour to play to a busy Sunday night crowd. 332 more words


Stag & Dagger 2014

This year’s PCL Stag & Dagger saw an increased number of music lovers attend, as this one-day Glasgow city centre music festival grows in size and stature. 823 more words

Photos: Guerrilla Radio @ Nice 'n' Sleazy

Cover bands are mostly a bit lame. But the trick is to be a cover band who can a) play and b) covers bands who aren’t lame. 177 more words


Photos: Transcension @ Nice 'n' Sleazys

I spent the other night in the ever wonderful Nice ‘n’ Sleazys falling in love with every third girl in the bar and shooting a couple of bands including Transcension in their first gig as their new line up. 139 more words