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A few things done on my 'day off'

Today’s been busier than planned.

I got through a couple of wheelbarrows of compost, potting things on and sorting bits out.

There’s lots of tomato 🍅 and basil 🌿 planted out in the greenhouse and in containers. 72 more words

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Mamma Mia! Here I go...

Today’s bouquet is called Mamma Mia, named for the orange rose that features in the bouquet. This one’s going all the way to Aberdeen – I have packed it very carefully and hope it will arrive in good shape.  252 more words

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Splendens bouquet and Kadupal update

Freshly picked on 27th April 2017, today’s bouquet features lychnis ‘splendens’ with verbascum, bluebell, apple blossom, photenia ‘red robin’ and hazel foliage. Approx 40cm high, and still largely in bud, these blossoms will unfurl into flower over the next week or so. 169 more words

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Clematis Montana Elizabeth, perhaps?

Today’s bouquet, cut 5th April, is of clematis montana. I think the variety is elizabeth but I’m not quite sure. There’s also dicentra bleeding heart, hebe purple shamrock, and the large tendrils of a mystery plant – perhaps another clematis. 202 more words

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Helios and an unexpected offer

Today’s bouquet is a large bunch of hellebore with spring foliage. In Greek mythology, Melampus of Pylos used hellebore to save the daughters of the king of Argos from a raving madness, but I don’t expect these would help much in the madness that is the Argos queue. 206 more words

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The Grand Old Duke of York

Now we’re nearing the end of March, it seems that everything in the garden has accelerated.

Happily, there’s much more colour in garden. It’s still in little pockets rather than great swathes, but what there is is very jolly.   203 more words

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'Loveliness' white hyacinth

I’ve embarked on a project to create a bouquet every day (Mon-Fri).

Today’s bouquet is white hyacinth and pear blossom, with unidentified foliage and the intriguing tendrils of what might be a clematis. 166 more words

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