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Japanese Wineberry

Back in early Spring, I cut back an enormous, thorny old plant.

Mystery plant in February

Initially, I thought it might be a wild rose, but later on found out it’s a wineberry. 94 more words

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First early potatoes 

Well this is a little exciting, it’s our first little crop of little potatoes! Here we have charlotte, maris peer, and maris piper, ready for the pot. 170 more words

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Bright Day in a vase on Monday 

Today’s bouquet number 79 at FromeBlooms.com and in a vase on Monday, is the ‘Bright Day’ bouquet.  Each week garden bloggers share flowers in a vase with Cathy at… 368 more words

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The Bee's Knees

Today’s Bouquet #63, and in a vase on Monday, is sweetly scented with honeysuckle, jasmine, roses, cottage pinks, salvia and sweet pea. I’ve called this bouquet ‘The Bee’s Knees.’ 388 more words

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A few things done on my 'day off'

Today’s been busier than planned.

I got through a couple of wheelbarrows of compost, potting things on and sorting bits out.

There’s lots of tomato 🍅 and basil 🌿 planted out in the greenhouse and in containers. 72 more words

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Mamma Mia! Here I go...

Today’s bouquet is called Mamma Mia, named for the orange rose that features in the bouquet. This one’s going all the way to Aberdeen – I have packed it very carefully and hope it will arrive in good shape.  252 more words

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Splendens bouquet and Kadupal update

Freshly picked on 27th April 2017, today’s bouquet features lychnis ‘splendens’ with verbascum, bluebell, apple blossom, photenia ‘red robin’ and hazel foliage. Approx 40cm high, and still largely in bud, these blossoms will unfurl into flower over the next week or so. 169 more words

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