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So my studies took a different turn. I set out to discover whether “Easter” had its roots in paganism. There is so much to sift through, and so many varying opinions, with very few facts. 2,610 more words

The Truth of the Nicean Council (325 AD) and Arian Controversy- 318-381 AD

Paul Bilal Williams, a British convert to Islam, has reposted an article on the Council of Nicea by Unitarians, that is very skewed and inaccurate.  (No longer there, since Paul Williams deleted that blog.) 1,592 more words


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So many mis-conceptions and lies are repeated about the Council of Nicea of 325 AD, it is necessary to constantly revisit the review the facts of it. Be sure to watch the video, a good 9 and 1/2 minute summary of the Council of Nicea, and be sure to read Dr. James White's article, "What Really Happened at Nicea?" also. (linked to in the article)

Bartolomeu si papa Francisc au facut planuri de viitor : se vor intalnii in 2025 la Nicea unde vor sarbatorii impreuna, dupa 17 secole, primul Sinod Ecumenic -unde s-a emis CREZUL

La întoarcerea din Ierusalim, Bartolomeu a spus  împreună cu papa Francisc :

”Am fost de acord să lasam ca moștenire pentru noi și urmașii noștri să ne întâlnim la Nicea în 2025, pentru a sărbători împreună, după 17 secole, primul sinod ecumenic cu adevărat, unde s-a emis Crezul “. 488 more words


Nicaea and Its Legacy: An Approach to Fourth-Century Trinitarian Theology by Lewis Ayres

12        “Pro-Nicene theologies combined both doctrinal propositions and a complex of intellectual theological strategies. Together these doctrines and the strategies within which those doctrines were intended to be read constitute a theological culture.” 991 more words


We're Supposed to Believe Evangelicals Care about Nicea?

While evangelical leaders and some of their critics debate the complexities of Trintarian theology (thanks, mind you, to prior considerations of the relations between the sexes – ahem), please keep in mind two points. 538 more words

Adventures In Church History

Does It Really Matter What We Believe?

On the seventh Sunday of Pascha, the Orthodox Church commemorates The Holy God-bearing Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council, a feast which has been celebrated from ancient times.  866 more words

Basics Of The Orthodox Catholic Faith