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How Dogma Replaced Scripture and Led to Neoplatonism

Excerpts from Anglican Canon Charles Gore, Dissertations on Subjects Connected with the Incarnation (London: John Murray, 1895), pages 171-2, 173.

The earlier mediaeval and scholastic method appears to put the dogmas of the Church in a wrong place.  505 more words


What Is The Trinity?

This week I have been focusing on the Trinity on the Theology For Us Facebook page. If you haven’t liked our Facebook yet, you are really missing out! 843 more words

Reflection: I Believe in One Lord Jesus Christ (part 3)

Happy Feast of St. Joseph!  St. Joseph is the MAN (meaning he is awesome AND his is my model of manhood).  I’ve written about how awesome St. 1,201 more words


Are Images of Christ Sinful?

Images of Christ are a prominent and almost universally recognizable feature of Christianity. Churches, homes, cemeteries, and, in some parts of the world, public spaces are adorned with various representations of the incarnate Jesus. 954 more words


Constantine to the Nicene Creed

Lesson 3 from Survey of Church History.

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Ambrose, the Saint Who Took on the Roman Empire—and Won

In my opinion, one of the most captivating figures in all of Christian history is the fourth-century Ambrose of Milan. His contributions to the literature of the ancient Church are tremendous, and his life story is packed with thought-provoking drama. 1,133 more words

Early Church


Krótko mówiąc, zachowujemy nienaruszoną całą przekazaną nam tradycję Kościoła, zarówno pisaną, jak i niepisaną. Jednym z elementów tej tradycji jest malowanie wizerunków na obrazach, w ten sposób, by obraz był zgodny z przekazem podanym przez Ewangelie, aby te wizerunki potwierdzały, że Słowo Boże naprawdę było człowiekiem, a nie wytworem fantazji, i abyśmy mieli z tego korzyść, utwierdzając się w tej wierze.

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