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Goddess affiliates is offering a great business tool that offers a 6 Months License to build your business and post to multiple groups and rooms.. 76 more words


The Goddess Finesse Affiliate Network

Before we speak with you start choosing a fairly narrow topic to focus your marketing efforts on. For example, you might choose to concentrate on travel, beauty hair care , music, wealth building or a different category. 188 more words


Finding our niche market

West Coast Publishing took a “break” from updates for a while, we weren’t napping, partying or playing ping pong in the office – no, we’ve been researching, developing media and fine tuning our market analysis. 230 more words

Make Money at Home BLOGGING

Really few models are as popular nowadays as the business blogging model. This is one model where individuals entertain themselves by networking with others, build on their knowledge and, naturally, build on their business leads. 504 more words

Business Model

Working At Home Doing Affiliate and Niche Marketing

Affiliating with businesses in order to market them isn’t a fresh idea. But what you have to know here is that it may make you a millionaire and you would not even have to physically adventure an inch out of your home. 819 more words

Business Model

Life is Change

Finding a “niche” is hard. Mine is not “marketing”, but “Pets to Pat”. 541 more words

Finding A Niche

Blog Fusion

BlogFusion is an all-in-one “bloggers-dream-come-true” plugin that does pretty much everything, 10X easier and faster.Blog Fusion is a all inclusive suite of blogging tools designed to help even the most novice of users to blog more effectively find, post, monetize your blog on demand. 310 more words

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