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Why Niche Marketing Beats "Umbrella" Marketing

Do you perform what I call “umbrella” marketing or do you target your marketing to a niche? What’s the difference? Read on.

The difference between umbrella and niche marketing is big, and the results can be even bigger!  402 more words

Tiny House, Big Benefits

As consumers, we’ve adapted to the thought of “the bigger, the better”. We aspire to have more in life. More followers, more money, great paying job, and a huge house. 307 more words


Niche marketing

(originally published to Helium writing site, now gone)

Niche marketing is where a certain product or service is targeted to a particular subset of a larger market. 624 more words


From Generalist to Specialist: The advantage of finding your place in the market

I reckon the word “and” should be banished from consultants’ bylines.

Sure, there are many things we can do. After all, as well-educated and experienced knowledge workers, we are capable of tinkering in almost any part of most businesses. 330 more words