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How To Start A Vehicle Vendor Business

I shared theѕе phrases оf wisdom wіth relatives and buddies аs wе bade Mama great-bye final yr. It wаs a painful, difficult second fоr us. However, her contributions to life overshadowed the hurt associated wіth hеr unexpected departure. 598 more words

Good Branding Is All About Consistency, Consistency And Consistency

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There is a lot of thought that goes into creating a great brand. Having a good knowledge of the target market, the design language of the industry, and a clear message and goal behind the brand are all important. 483 more words

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Long Tails in Our Marketing, Long Tails in Our Minds

In business and statistics, there’s a concept called “long tail.” While it generally refers to a strategy of selling large numbers of niche products in small quantities each (the distribution curve looks like a long tail), it’s also a term that we’re seeing more of in the marketing world. 394 more words

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5 Easy Steps to Find the Perfect Niche

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”
Herman Cain… 713 more words

The Latest Crush of Marketers: Niche Marketing

NICHE MARKETING  is putting all your marketing efforts toward one well defined segment of population. Niche segment of the population does not necessarily exists naturally in the market but it is created through smart marketing techniques and through identifying the needs of the specific segment of customers. 396 more words

The ONE Marketing Strategy that Trumps Everything Else You're Doing

The road to clients doesn’t start with what marketing vehicles (webinars, live streams, blogging, etc.) you use. It doesn’t matter which platform you use either (FB, Instagram, LinkIn, etc). 298 more words

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Don't Fear the Competition – Check Them Out!

It’s easy to get discouraged when we think we have hit on a great idea for a hot new niche and then discover that it has already been done over and over again. 499 more words