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The Top Dog

A day to discover what lies beneath turned into an altogether unexpected musical encounter as I headed out to spend a morning learning about the archeology that litters the floor of an ancient Chilterns woodland at Pigotts Wood. 549 more words


The Niche Economy Unveiled

The Internet has permanently changed the way we do business; but in order for anyone to take advantage of increased possibilities, it is necessary to comprehend their very nature and inner logic: “The Niche Economy Unveiled” explores the customer-focused… 43 more words

Niche Marketing

I am no longer just passing through this landscape

It’s not about bagging bucket-list miles, or even bragging about bagging holiday sights, it’s about stopping and looking for the clues that point to natural and man-made structures – or subtle signs of earlier lives that are integral to a locations ‘sense-of-place’ so often missed in the quest to capture that grand vista, or complete that big trek. 675 more words

Travel And Leisure

Internet marketing needless to say, is a humongous topic to deal with in just one blog, but over the course of time, I intend to touch upon each topic and work through them in detail.

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Internet Marketing

Are You Man Enough to Drive a Truck?

I am of the opinion that the best way to understand people is to think outside of yourself. To understand that there is another perspective besides your own, and that from these alternative perspectives you can glean insight into your own mind and the way you perceive the world. 1,483 more words

How the 'Internet of Things' Will Change Marketing

The coming wave of connected devices, appliances, vehicles, sensors, meters and countless other “things” represents the next generation of a hyper-connected world, the Internet of Things (IoT).

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