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Niche Genetics Expert

Niche Genetics will analyze, dissect and then reveal Google’s hidden and ever-changing algorithm. This allows you to “crack the Google code” so you can find out exactly what to do in order to get your site ranking on top of Google, for the best keywords in your niche. 213 more words

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Welcome To The First Day of VAPE 101

Vaping is having an identity crisis. A branding issue. “Niche Vape Marketing” is only targeting the young male population. Naked women, tattoos & hard imagery aren’t necessarily appealing to the potential audience. 487 more words

Renovative Rebranding

Niche Marketing

One of my biggest business models is niche marketing, primarily creating and building-out niche websites. I generally rely on affiliate marketing strategies for monetization.

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Niche Marketing in Food Industry

Last week, I went to a party to celebrate the Indian festival Holi-the festival of colors. The tasty Indian ethnic food was delicious. But something was amiss- natural post meal sweet mouth freshener to top off the dinner- the “Paan”. 471 more words

Discover why targeting the niche within the niche can change your business forever

I was recently hired by Auctioneers Inc. to rewrite and construct a new website. Like I do with every client, I asked the owner to complete a website audit report asking questions regarding their business. 645 more words

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What is a niche?

If you’ve begun to learn about the fascinating possibilities of Internet marketing, you’ve no doubt heard by now that you’ll have to choose a “niche.” A niche is a special interest shared by a group of people. 12 more words

Anyone for pig's organ soup?

There’s much to like about Singapore. Lovely climate, interesting juxtaposition of colonial history and the ultramodern, and a political system that, whilst wildly different from western democracy, appears to be effective. 744 more words