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The Art and Science of Being Insightful

We make observations every day. Whenever we notice what someone is doing, thinking or saying, we are making factual claims about the people and companies around us. 363 more words


REVIEW: Niche Essen Wheels for my Tesla Model X SUV

When it comes to automotive wheels, bigger isn’t always better.  Larger wheels are a look that I personally adore, but the added weight can greatly reduce the efficiency of your vehicle.   1,602 more words


Barrow Hill: The Dark Path - Night of the Offering Redux

I’ve made no secret of my love for niche horror adventures. I don’t know what it is that attracts me to them – maybe the obtuse puzzles, or the totally corny voice acting, or the nice art that still relies on point and click screens. 776 more words

New method to improve sex life

T­he niche sex toy industry alo­ne commands a whopping $15 billion marketshare, and t­hat’s no­t including how much money pornography gene­rates, al­ong with “adult friend finder” webs­ites, sex doll deve­lopment, and all other sex-related indu­stries. 185 more words


7 Game-Changing Dating Apps You Should Definitely Know About!

Although re-downloading the Tinder app is often people’s first move when re-entering the dating scene, there also happens to be so many other great and underappreciated dating apps that are going completely unnoticed by users like you!  593 more words

General Dating Advice

CHINA: a blockbuster in the making

I get this question all the time.

“Isn’t China notorious with piracy? Isn’t that bad for movie business?”

The short answer to the question is that yes, piracy is an issue, not just for China but all around the world. 931 more words

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