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Pale: Too Much

Pale is an artistic I recently discovered in i-D magazine and thought I would check it out. I am always searching for new music favourites as I like to be influenced by the lyrics and vibes from new niche artists in relation to my creative work. 45 more words


Find Your Niche

Hello everyone, and welcome to another post by moi, Kyran Ravencroft. So! Let’s get to it! Finding your niche.

Niche… The heck fire kind of word is that anyway? 556 more words


August 1, 2015

Today I had a panic attack about life.

It led me to invest $16 into a small moleskine agenda. I’m hoping this will help me get the pieces of my life together, and that it will be a worthwhile investment. 363 more words


The Player is Always Right

There’s a phrase in retail that you’ve probably heard: “The customer is always right.” Most people hate this phrase. Some take it literally, and point out that it’s obviously not true; customers aren’t infallible, so they obviously can’t always be right. 1,078 more words


Less pain, more gain ! TM

Find your niche

How many times have I heard that, read that, watched that on videos, workshop, books, blogs ?

It is all about finding your niche.

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Placement week 2

Making-  a zip up bag is my first creation, i felt a real sense of achievement and satisfaction, knowing that i can make quality products to be sold in store gives me a new found sense of confidence! 204 more words

Ditching my Niche

I’m going back to the basics. I’ve changed my theme back to something more simple. I think it will help me tremendously to stop trying to be an online magazine and go back to being a blog. 183 more words