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The Urban Coyote

By: Julia Zeh
Edited by: Hsin-Pei Toh

Don’t tell Road Runner, but… coyotes in New York City? That was how most people reacted last week when reports said that a coyote had been spotted in Riverside Park. 601 more words


My first giveaway of scented goodness

Andy Tauer of Tauer Perfumes is ever present lately; recently interviewed on YouTube channels Lanier Smith and Man Loves Cologne. If you are not familiar with Mr. 857 more words


What's Your Niche with Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is a podcaster and blogger who has discovered ways to generate a multitude of passive income utilizing the Internet. Recently, in an interview with him for our… 407 more words


A support cell subpopulation maintains robust regeneration of adult hair cells in zebrafish

In contrast to other vertebrates, mammals cannot regenerate the mechanosensory hair cells in the epithelia of their adult ears after age-related, disease or trauma-induced cell death. 634 more words


Interview with Meo Fusciuni

Who is Meo Fusciuni? A perfume magician, I might say. A herbist, which understands human emotions. A bold character, which pours olfactory memories into a bottle of fragrance. 672 more words


1000+ Niche Citation Sites for 41 Local Business Categories

Looking for the best niche citation sites for your industry? See a categorised list of over 1,000 Sites. View & download the citation list for your industry


Finding your "niche"

Having a “niche” (you know, that thing that you do which ultimately identifies you as individual in society) seems to be a pretty important concept in the human experience.  511 more words

Quarter Life Crisis