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what's your niche?

As we agonized over whether or not to even write¬†this blog, we did a lot of research about blogging and marketing and social media, and one of the insights that was hammered into us over and over again is that you had to have a… 263 more words


Why Niches Matter

If you’re relatively new to freelancing, you’ve probably come across the term “niche” a few times while scouring the internet for tips and tricks. So what the heck does it mean exactly, and why should you care? 2,138 more words

My Job Experience

Niche Selection for Shopify Drop Shipping | the Facebook Group Method - YouTube

Niche Selection can be Hard when Drop Shipping on Shopify and choosing the right niche, and strategy can mean making money drop shipping on shopify for losin… 8 more words

Happy Birthday Sulaiman Marbun Blog's

Perasaan Sulaiman Marbun Blog’s ini sudah cukup lama ku kelola, tapi melihat jumlah post hanya 178 post membuatku iseng melihat postingan pertama kali untuk blog ini, ternyata tulisan pertama berjudul Selamat datang di Blog resmi Sulaiman Marbun itu tertanggal 16 Januari 2016 tepat 6 tahun lalu. 136 more words

Sulaiman Marbun

How-to Find The Niche That Works For You: Freelancing #3

In any line of freelance work, it is important to find the niche that best suits you. Programmers choose the languages that they like best; just the same as writers should choose an area of expertise that stimulates them. 588 more words


One of the keys to excellent marketing skills is the understanding of why and how people act and think the way they do. Unless you know what compelling marketing truly means, creating the content and crafting the strategy to accomplish your goals will be difficult.

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The Sunk Cost Fallacy in Blogging

Have you ever (without googling) heard of the sunk cost fallacy? In my latest article for Anne Cohen I detail what it is and what it means for your business or blog. 12 more words