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Niche Research Secrets Finally Exposed

How to quickly research a large population to define a single avatar in the next 22-minutes using Facebook audience insights and our keen experience. This only works before everyone else figures it out! 12 more words



I’m sorry that I have been neglecting you all so much as of late, but FYI I have begun YET ANOTHER work experience placement, totally different to the one before and completely irrelevant to anything I would love to do in the future. 611 more words


The Art of Brevity

When I was asked to give a comment for just one minute in a seminar I attended last month, I remembered the art of brevity¬†and decided to use adjectives for my comment: “Awesome, superb, and eye-opening,” I said. 200 more words


Heb ik een specialisme?

Niches zijn niet de redding van de journalistiek, riep ik volmondig. Inmiddels ben ik daar al op teruggekomen. Eigenaardigheden en te smalle niches zijn niet de redding van de journalistiek, maar een specialisme is bij uitstek de manier om je als freelancer te onderscheiden. 720 more words


The Village needs a HUB - #1000Speak

Beyond everything, if I were to use one word to explain why I write and how I best operate in life, it is this word – … 1,347 more words


Tips For Bloggers Starting Out

I’ve only had my blog a few months so I think that I do fall into this category a bit. I have learnt some things however from the time I have been blogging though, and think I have some tips which might be helpful. 544 more words


Video Pro - Exclusively on Fiverr

Are you still struggling to make online videos?
Are you looking for an interactive way to make money online?
If you are like the other 99.99% of the people who have a hard time making great video content, then this gig is for you. 17 more words

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