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5 Great Businesses to start Today

  1. A blog

Start writing about something your passionate about. A blog can be one of the most cost-effective businesses to start.

  1. Social media marketing

Are you really good with social media? 129 more words


So What's My Blog Niche?

Niche (adj): denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

Nothing has given me a bigger existential crisis than trying to figure out what my blog niche is. 839 more words

Words With Shiggy

On finding a purpose.

I have been MIA from Papier et Cie for a while, and for that I am truly sorry. To be clear, I am mostly apologizing to myself. 92 more words


Interviewing bloggers 

I came up with this idea to help anyone who is starting out at blogging or is interested in finding out more about it. I will be interviewing 2 or 3 bloggers weekly so that we could all together benefit from there knowledge and become better bloggers in the process. 80 more words


Life will not open a door if there isn't anything else on the other side 

Making a career for yourself in your twenties has changed rapidly from previous generations before us.

We have to study a considerable amount more, we have to find a niche to stand out from the rest and we even have to compete rigorously against each other for just an entry level job after school or varsity. 238 more words


The Answer Is Yes, And…

Stop me if you heard this before: “Three blind mice walk into a bar and the first one orders…” The sales professional with a bunch of jokes is a tired cliché. 536 more words

Business Development


You’ve got only one shot at youth

Don’t miss it, and don’t blow it

Give up on your excuses

Find yourself and be yourself

Read and write and read and write… 131 more words