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Film Review: Collide

I’m really glad that watching this film involved a two-for-the-price-of-one special on movie tickets.

Collide tells the story of Casey Stein (Nicholas Hoult), an American bad boy who finds himself in Germany. 204 more words

Film Review

COLLIDE review

Um… hello, random action movie. Are you here to not be good? Well, it’s still February, January’s cousin, so you’re welcomed here.

I’m not even entirely sure how this movie got made. 1,322 more words


Collide- Movie Review

Collide isn’t simply an incompetent, ridiculous action movie that breaks all laws of logic, but one of the worst studio movies of the decade. There is no semblance of any effort from anyone involved, giving no character motivations, no comprehensible plot, and a shocking incompetence of basic filmmaking, including shot composition and basic story structure. 195 more words


'Collide' Isn't Good, but it Sure is Something...

This is one of those movies that you have absolutely never heard of, and the moment it starts you realize why.

“Collide” stars Nicholas Hoult as a drug dealer who decides to take on one last job in order to pay his girlfriend (Felicity Jones) to have surgery. 607 more words


Nicholas Hoult "happy to go back" to X-Men!

With a little less than a week until Logan slashes its way into theaters, the future of the X-Men films have had quite a bit of buzz around them as of late. 184 more words


'Collide' Movie Review

I had high expectations for this film especially with Anthony Hopkins on board. Well, I thought it was a waste of time. This is my fave genre for movies yet the action scenes fall flat and the acting sucks. 50 more words

Action Movie


“Collide” wasn’t on my original “Watch List”, but I decided to check it out.

“Collide” is about a heist that goes terribly wrong. A prominent business tycoon uses his empire as a cover as every 6 months he brings in Cocaine to be distributed in parts of Germany. 247 more words