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More on Orthogonality

I started considering the implications of predictive processing for orthogonality here. I recently promised to post something new on this topic. This is that post. 1,810 more words

World's top 5 AI thinkers and Why you should follow them

In just the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed from a futuristic, sci-fi scenario into an emerging technology that has been embraced by the world’s largest and most powerful corporations – including Google and Facebook. 1,088 more words

Is Our World a Simulation or Even an Interactive Computer Game?

If we are living in a computer simulation, as Nick Bostrom has argued is a possibility, maybe this is not just an ancestor simulation but an interactive computer game. 672 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Science, Fantasy and Religion

by Mark English

Maybe I have read just one too many articles promoting the so-called simulation hypothesis. Maybe I have seen just one too many populist videos purportedly dealing with scientific topics but which, in order to maximize audience numbers, manage to leave all the hard and interesting stuff out and focus instead on presentational style (including colorful and virtually meaningless graphics) and half-baked ideas. 2,187 more words


Nick Bostrom: What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?

February 01, 2018

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter by leaps and bounds — within this century, research suggests, a computer AI could be as “smart” as a human being. 63 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Many works of science fiction as well as some forecasts by serious technologists and futurologists predict that enormous amounts of computing power will be available in the future.

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Nick Bostrom Elon Musk Nick Bostrom Elon Musk

OMG can anyone write an article on the simulation hypothesis without focusing on Nick Bostrom and Elon Musk? It’s like writing an article about climate change and only mentioning Al Gore. 388 more words