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Solipsism is a philosophical concept that says you are the only being that exists in this whole world. The universe that exists, or in simple terms the things around you, or the beings interacting with you is all made up in your mind. 800 more words


Making Things Easy: Virtual Reality – Episode 2

This “Episode” of Making Things Easy: Virtual Reality is a purely text-based post.  I have not been working in Unity over the past week, instead, I have spent considerable time researching different aspects of the project in order to enhance my theoretical understanding of virtual reality design. 864 more words

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Whatever, We're Probably Living In A Hologram Anyway, Says Neil deGrasse Tyson

Look around you. Your shoes, that tree, the Starbucks cold brew you’re clutching—it’s all very much right here in the real world. But what if the “real world” we live and move around in is just a computer simulation?  386 more words


0039: We Need More Sparrow Fables

(0:00) The Unfinished Fable of the Sparrows, from Superintelligence by Bostrom

Followup to 0038: We Don’t Want to Die

  • (3:12) fitness / utility function and “Is this all there is”
  • 72 more words

More assessment of AI X-risk potential

I’m been stimulated by Luciano Floridi’s recent article in Aeon “Should we be afraid of AI?”. I’m surprised that this issue hasn’t been settled yet, since it seems like “we” have the formal tools necessary to solve the problem decisively. 1,572 more words


The implications of a super-intelligent AI

Imagine you are a super intelligent robot, whose main goal is to fulfill a space ship’s mission, but at the same time, keep the true purpose of the mission from the crew of the ship. 719 more words


In Defense of Posthuman Dignity, Nick Bostrom

Author Information: Nick Bostrom, University of Oxford, nick@nickbostrom.com

Bostrom, Nick. “In Defense of Posthuman Dignity.” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 6, no. 2 (2017): 1-10. 4,875 more words