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0005: Paths to Superintelligence


– 3 paths … Connectionist (Neural nets), Computationalist (Symbolic), Robotics (embodied) … Uploading … big data … other paths
intelligence explosion

IBM paper says… 73 more words


0004: Prioritization of Risks


Our notes compiled in prep for recording this episode. Much of this we didn’t talk about.

– Define existential threat
– Diagram
– Examples … simulation off, dark forest, 1,322 more words


Meeting discussion points, September 2015, AI and philosophy

Notes from discussion meeting September 2015, AI and philosophy

Many thanks to Annabel for leading this session and doing the research to stimulate a very interesting discussion, one that we need to revisit as many questions were raised and not tackled in depth. 683 more words

Meeting Discussion Points

The recalcitrance of prediction

We have identified how Bostrom’s core argument for superintelligence explosion depends on a crucial assumption. An intelligence explosion will happen only if the kinds of cognitive capacities involved in… 1,605 more words