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We call it a “crisis” when the predictions of our trusted elites are violated in one way or another. We expect, for good reason, things to more or less continue as they are. 455 more words


The World is Flat and Spiky.

The first three chapters of Thomas L. Friedman’s book, The World is Flat (2007), presents the economic, political and cultural impacts of the emergence of the personal computers with greater, faster, more networked computing capacities, and the emergence of the internet. 724 more words


Simulation or Mere Semblance (of an Argument)?

E. John Winner

**In the following discussion, I am indebted to a paper written by Brian Eggleston, when he was an undergraduate systems analysis student at Stanford University. 2,972 more words


We might live in a computer program, but it may not matter

December 18, 2016

By Philip Ball

Are you real? What about me?

These used to be questions that only philosophers worried about. Scientists just got on with figuring out how the world is, and why. 423 more words

Computer Science

Living in the Matrix? A Nod to Nick Bostrom's Simulation Theory

Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom is one of the main proponents of the idea that we’re living in a computer simulation (“Are You Living in a Computer Simulation… 134 more words

Computer Simulation

AI takes over

Perhaps the most frightening part of Nick Bostrom’s book, Superintelligence, is his scenario for the seizure of control of the world by a superintelligence:

“1 Pre-criticality phase… 447 more words

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