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The Hypocrisy Of Centrist Labour's War Against Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn wants power so that he can do something with it. His rebellious centrist MPs also want power, but are unable or unwilling to articulate what they want to do with it… 1,676 more words

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Labour Coup falls back on dishonesty, identity politics and smears

by Kit

The Labour Coup just won’t die. It has become the masked killer from a b-list horror film. Lurching from one unlikely scenario to another, staunchly surviving an endless series of self-inflicted wounds, each one alone capable of felling a lesser being. 2,374 more words


Holding the line

The modern world of liberal individualism has been described by many people in both good and bad terms, but I find its upsides are easy to appreciate when one considers the alternatives. 1,595 more words


Another day 

I read the Economist’s latest thoughts and prognostications before I went to bed, and I didn’t sleep for the next two hours. That was a mistake.  471 more words

Galloway's heroes

Recently, columnist Nick Cohen noted that the folks on the left who used to come to the defense of George Galloway have gone silent, having finally realized, apparently, just how loathsome a creature they were associating with. 625 more words


Nick Cohen: "Brexiteers are fascists, liars and charlatans whose only recourse is name-calling,"

Mere days after the Guardian published no less than four different editorials criticising the tone of the debate, the poisoning of the atmosphere, and the contempt we have for our elected officials, Nick Cohen has bravely waded into the debate. 519 more words


There Can Be No Rational Debate With Those Who Deceive Themselves About The EU's Purpose And Destination

I am no longer willing to indulge Remain supporters who insist on deceiving themselves (and others) that the European Union is a humble trading organisation with no pretensions to statehood or aspirations for ever more power… 1,791 more words

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