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Cucumber: A Review

(Spoiler warning) 

Cucumber is a 2015 British television series created by Russell T Davies and aired on Channel 4

Finally a modern mainstream television program where the main protagonists are gay! 965 more words


The right wing welfare state: capitalism for the young, socialism for the old

From the Spectator 22 June 2015On the radio this morning, a campaigner from the Child Poverty Action Group had an ‘emperor’s new clothes’ moment. Why not, she said, treat the young like the old. 885 more words

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Disturbing. I have no idea whether Cohen is correct or not... but if there is significant truth in this, it is a horrifying thought. And if there is indeed truth in it, how can concern for the (possible) problem be reconciled with avoiding ageism? Open questions, and disturbing and difficult ones...

Birth control and the future of the planet: Pope still a Catholic


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I myself have been critical of the personality cult surrounding Pope Francis. He seems to me to combine general apostolic humility and compassion with a kind of 'shrewdness' that it would be tempting to be flippant about. Cohen is correct that Pope Francis is not the polar opposite of other Popes. Hence my earlier piece, admittedly rather harsh in tone (but edited later): http://wallacerunnymede.com/2015/07/08/st-peter-and-the-green-knight/

Why mentally ill people are an easy target for the #Tories (#UK #Politics #Health #welfare #bedroomtax)

The governments targeting of vulnerable people has been unprecedented in recent political history. In particular, mental health services can no longer cope with demand because of horrendous cuts to NHS services, and the demise of funding for the voluntary sector. 1,230 more words

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Mental illness: watch your language

Nick Cohen has today written an article in The Guardian which tries to argue two things at once. Firstly, that people with mental health problems are likely to be disproportionately targeted by cuts. 954 more words

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