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On the help drug addicts need

“ It’s true that breaking free from heroin, alcohol or sugar requires an effort of individual will. It is equally true that it is easier to summon the strength to quit when others are on hand to help. 27 more words

The Guardian

Let's bash the 'airport' novel

Do you like backhanded compliments?
Do you like to make basic mistakes and misrepresentations of the entertainment industry?
Well, you’ll love this article by Nick Cohen. 3,073 more words

Tyson Adams

Schrödinger's Labour leader

by Martin Odoni

Labour centrists just cannot help themselves, can they? JK Rowling – she who has gained barely-explicable recognition as one of the world’s ‘great’ authors – last week… 818 more words


The Brexit betrayal bandwagon is growing | Coffee House

It may not be this week. It may not be Boris Johnson. But eventually a minister will break with this tottering government and establish himself (or herself, for it could be Andrea Leadsom) as the leader of the diehard right. 60 more words


The lies of the right that debase civilised society

There is a powerful case to be made against the version of multiculturalism that abandons women in ethnic minority communities to second-class lives and the institutionalised bigotry of religious courts.

119 more words
Life, The Universe…

The Illiberal Alliance with the Regressive Left

In “Herds of Independent Thinkers” I lamented the problem of so-called progressives being “offended all the time”, “coming to pre-ordained conclusions”, and conflating their ego-centric political-correctness with their imagined right to restrict open discussion and freedom of thought of others. 790 more words


Crumbling Monolith Resents an Angry Public

by Kit

Nick Cohen’s latest column is headlined: Farage meets Assange in a shameless illiberal alliance, but might more properly be entitled “Why I drink more than I used to, and how it’s all your fault.” In it he seeks to conflate everyone he doesn’t understand, everyone he doesn’t like, anyone who disagrees with him and all the idiotic proles who make the wrong decisions, into one vast group of “other”. 1,783 more words