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In Defence Of Andrew Neil's Anti-ISIS Rant - Political Journalism At Its Best

No, Andrew Neil’s magnificent anti-Islamist rant was not a violation of the BBC’s commitment to impartiality

It’s a strange world where I find myself writing in support of Andrew Neil twice in the same week, but then these are very strange political times. 1,254 more words


The Daily Smackdown: Jeremy Corbyn's Anti-Americanism

Instead of calling for a more “independent” foreign policy, Jeremy Corbyn should simply admit that he hates America and wants Britain to sever links with our closest ally… 1,273 more words

UK Politics

Democracy & the media.

By Daniel Margrain

Representative democracy is bad for parliamentary democracy because it implies the shifting of power from the elite towards the masses. People power has the potential to tear down the ivory towers of privilege that the rich construct for themselves which is why the establishment is fearful of such an eventuality. 1,292 more words


The Incredible Shrinking Country

In the Spectator, Nick Cohen declares with impassioned bellicosity that “no-one will ever forgive the right if they destroy the BBC”. Now perhaps Nick Cohen is 17. 373 more words

Why are the BBC's cheerleaders so hysterical?

In the same way that any criticism of Israel is routinely denounced by some as anti-Semitism, criticism of the BBC is constantly caricatured as an attempt to crush it into the dust. 324 more words


the dangerous distraction of tech-utopianism

As much as I tend to disagree with Nick Cohen, he couldn’t be more right about this. From You Can’t Read This Book, loc 129-137… 41 more words

Algorithmic Authoritarianism And Digital Repression

What’s Left? Thanks To Jez, What You Damn Well Make of It.

Democraton: A democratically elected and operated vessel incorruptible by personal conviction if at the expense of an informed public vote or sentiment.

Seeing old-school lefty…

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