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भारत के शहरो व राज्य के भौगोलिक उपनाम

1. ईश्वर का निवास स्थान – प्रयाग
2. पांच नदियों की भूमि -पंजाब
3. सात टापुओं का नगर- मुंबई
4. बुनकरों का शहर- पानीपत
5. अंतरिक्ष का शहर बेंगलुरू 83 more words


Trail Names

Before we get too far, we probably need to talk about “Trail Names”.  Trail names are an interesting part of AT thru-hiker culture. Hikers often are leaving their normal lives with the associated stresses and responsibilities behind. 388 more words

Appalachian Trail

Mother and Father

Is there something bad about the use of “mother” and “father” in conversation? Does it make people feel uncomfortable when the say these words? Why do they use the terms “Mom” and “Dad” instead? 70 more words


Bloody Facebook from hell, I love you.

If you had read me before you know that a I have had some bad (shity) experiences with Facebook, like when I saw Mr. Green Eyes a.k.a, love of my life after my birthday or the time I saw a picture of my ex, lets call him Wolf senza Balls (senza means “without” in italian), in a party he told me wasn’t going to happen or a conference he didn’t invited me despite the fact that it was my idea going… Well, today Facebook paid me back, today I can laugh as an evil cartoon character because I know he is going to see 52 photos of me were I look happy, beautiful and having a great time; I have to say it again, he is going to see me beautiful as fuck, yes! 61 more words


Where did my nickname come from?

So a few people have asked about this, and a few others that already know me have pointed out that I should probably explain…

Daddy Alex. 329 more words

Daddy Alex