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Album Review: Qveen Herby 'EP 1'

Track By Track

Track 1: “Gucci”I would love to be buried in Gucci everything after listening to this song. There was a snippet of this song used in the teaser video for Qveen Herby, and the rest of the song doesn’t disappoint in the least bit. 491 more words


KARMIN Is Dead! Amy Heidemann Ushers In Her Reign As Qveen Herby

By: Extra Eric

KARMIN is dead…

Who knew that Amy Heidemann from the famous duo was going solo?! She’ll officially be known as Qveen Herby… 166 more words


The Qveen Has Arrived And Brings Gifts

As the teaser video above says, ‘Karmin is dead.’ Well….not¬†really¬†dead. It’s more like on an ‘indefinite vacation.’ The time has come for the music-making duo to make a change and that change comes in the form of ‘Qveen Herby,’ Amy’s new persona. 177 more words