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Sip On This 4/3

Today’s Sip On This included a story about how your virtual relationship is making everyone hate you, plus an 8 year old girl has been sent home 24 times this year for what? 233 more words


Sip On This 3/29

Here are today’s Sip On This stories from the Mix Morning Show. Ever got slapped by your mom at school for getting suspended? Find out what mistake this mom made when she tried to do just that to her son. 317 more words


Sip On This 3/25

Here are some interesting stories for you to sip on at the water cooler. Including a cop who wrestled an alligator away from school kids and scientists have figured how to get that song out of your head. 315 more words

Nick Steele

Celebs Read Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel does this thing on his show where he gets celebrities to read the mean tweets people have sent to them on Twitter. It’s amazing some of the things people will say to people when they know there won’t be consequences. Check the video out!

Nick Steele

Leave Your Mark...

The opportunity has presented itself for you to leave your mark on the history of humanity! It sounds like I’m joking but I’m actually pretty serious and considering it.  204 more words


Can You Hear Me Now Facebook?

This is probably one of my favorite updates that Facebook has done in a long time. Their Messenger App on iPhone and Android devices has just updated in the last day or so to include voice messaging.  191 more words


Would You Try It?

Even though I buy the big protective cases for my phones I still wouldn’t let anyone drop it from SPACE! They must have a lot of confidence in their case OR they don’t care about the phone they are dropping and can afford to buy another (Some of us can’t do that!). 32 more words