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The Pentagon Has a Small Coup Problem

The Department of Defense has trained more than a hundred foreign militaries that went on to stage coups in their home countries.

Winning! It’s the White House watchword when it comes to the U.S. 2,282 more words


A Wide World of Winless War

Globe-Trotting U.S. Special Ops Forces Already Deployed to 137 Nations in 2017.

The tabs on their shoulders read “Special Forces,” “Ranger,” “Airborne.” And soon their guidon — the “colors” of Company B, 3rd Battalion of the U.S. 2,991 more words


Puncturing the myth of our Special Operations Forces, pawns in an unwinnable war

Summary: Special Operations Forces are the heroes in the second phase, the 16th year, of the War on Terror. But years of failure have raised doubts that their bravery and skill have been well applied to these wars, or if they are even relevant. 1,583 more words

Our Long War

What's So Special About Special Ops?

W.J. Astore

What’s so special about Special Ops?  It used to be that special operations troops were few in number.  You had Army Green Berets, Navy SEALs, mixed units like the Delta Force, and a few others, but nowadays U.S. 616 more words

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The US military moves deeper into Africa

America’s war-fighting footprint in Africa: Secret U.S. military documents reveal a constellation of American military bases across that continent | NICK TURSE*

General Thomas Waldhauser sounded a little uneasy.  3,075 more words

United States

"AFRICOM Spearheads Escalation Of US "Scramble For Africa"" Which We Should Not Aid And Abet

*edit, April 25, 2017 – This post was in my Disappeared category until today. The moderator has informed me that he isn’t in the habit of casually disappearing comments and didn’t think he had disappeared mine. 749 more words


Commandos Without Borders: America’s Elite Troops Partner with African Forces but Pursue U.S. Aims

Al-Qaeda doesn’t care about borders. Neither does the Islamic State or Boko Haram. Brigadier General Donald Bolduc thinks the same way.

“[T]errorists, criminals, and non-state actors aren’t bound by arbitrary borders,” the commander of Special Operations Command Africa (SOCAFRICA) … 2,378 more words