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Feminism: My Struggle 

I am writing this not from a place of hatred, not from a place of disdain, but from a place of complete concern for the feminist movement as of late. 555 more words


MTV Video Music Awards

The MTV VMAs or Video Music Awards aired last night, Sunday, August 30th, 2015, at 9PM Arizona Time, and I had very high expectations the whole time. 263 more words

Practice Post

First Paragraph

Not many student know about the speakers that play the Blaze radio around campus #felix305 pic.twitter.com/GRlG1OQ0q9

— Ebone Chatman (@ECHATMAN17) August 27, 2015


Winning an award, mean being recognized for your success?

The MTV awards last night, I only watched the last hour of the show.  It was supposed to be the music awards; however it was a show that is just speechless.  144 more words