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#BIGBINKSHOW Power Drake At 5 Birthday Mix

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Nicki Ran All the Way Home

Little Nicki went home this morning, but little Bunny is still with us for a couple of days. Nicki did his evening runs last night with my lap as part of the course. 52 more words


Nicki Minaj - Oh hey VEGAS ...

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Nicki Minaj – Oh hey VEGAS …

Sweater Snuggles

The weather has gotten chillier here so I’m wearing a big fluffy sweater, and the bunnies just love it! Both Bunny and Nicki climbed all over me on the couch. 36 more words


Fence Buddies

Bunny and Nicki are total fence-buddies. They’re too adorable. “I found another bunny who’s just my size!’ They’re both about a foot long and are very energetic little fur balls. 100 more words


"I am not a girl who can ever be defined"

This is a verse from one of my favorite songs called Fly performed by Nicki Minaj.

I love this quote because I struggle with the idea that people can take one aspect of a person and then act as if it represents the entirety of who that person is. 129 more words

Daily Thoughts

Bunny Lightning

Nicki may be a little bunny, but he moves around like lightning. He loves running laps around his pen and then he binkys like a jumping bean. 76 more words