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[Currently Airing] My Ruby My Blood

My Ruby My Blood tells the love story of a rich man meeting a poor girl. He is the general manager of a premier jeweller who discovers the heroine’s talent for design and hires her as an employee.  116 more words


[Finished Airing] Star April

It’s hard to date when your face is recognized everywhere. Ye Fan Xing (Qi Wei) is a famous television anchor who is instantly recognized wherever she goes. 205 more words


Bu Bu Jing Xin, My Favorite Chinese Drama Series

My knowledge of Chinese movies or dramas is limited to Martial Arts genre. When someone recommended Bu Bu Jing Xin aka Scarlet Heart aka Startling by Each Step to me I was skeptical especially when I saw the promo posters. 264 more words

Bu Bu Jing Xin

[FLASH REVIEW]步步惊情Scarlet Heart II

Yes I know this one came out quite a long time ago. I remember being SO excited for the second installation of Bu Bu Jing Xin because I loved the first one so much. 1,058 more words

Drama Reviews

Legend of Zu (tv series 2015) Ep 2-14

Read Episode 1 here

Episode 2

The bauble that exploded in light at the end of Ep 1 was a message device that left glowing text in the air.   6,796 more words


[Part 2] Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin's Wedding Ceremony

Finally! These sweeties tied the knot! And woah, so many gorgeous people attended!…Bali is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit!! 71 more words

Fan Bingbing

[Part 1] Wedding for Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin

We are making a two part posts for the amazing and unexpected wedding of Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin! I say unexpected because they went public barely a month ago and now, we have one of the most celebrities packed event of the year. 187 more words

Fan Bingbing