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Bu Bu Jing Xin/Scarlet Heart Review

Overated. The word I use to describe this drama. Now I’m sure you heard this drama was the best drama of all times, its ratings were over the top, the acting was amazing, it had the best storyline, bla bla bla. 494 more words

Chinese Drama

The Legend of Zu tv series (2015) Ep 1

I own the original Zu: Warriors from the Magical Mountain (1983), I have seen the Zu Warriors (2001) remake several times and honestly I would love to own it but I refuse to purchase any but the HK version as the western version from Lion Gate hacked over 20 minutes off from the original film. 926 more words

Martial Arts

[Drama] April Star with Nicky Wu and Qi Wei

Hehe, pretty interesting melodrama coming up! Nicky Wu and Qi Wei are both well seasoned actors and it will be fun to see them act in a modern drama together! 151 more words


Liu Shishi+Nicky Wu's Wedding Late Post

:”D Sorry for all of you readers who don’t care about Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu… I just couldn’t resist writing a full article about the men (Wallace Huo and Hu Ge) in LSS’s life ^^ Bear with me, I will keep it short. 407 more words

Wallace Huo

Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi's Wedding Photos in Bali on 3.20.16

It was reported that the Bu Bu Jing Xin couple, Nicky Wu and (Cecilia) Liu Shi Shi has signed papers and married since January of 2015, but due to their busy schedules, they haven’t had time to hold the wedding. 86 more words


Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu's Wedding

All I wish for…

Is for it to last forever

OMG, I waited for so long for this wedding to happen! Be ready for an article full of love! 253 more words

Liu Shishi