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Legend of Zhu releases Trailer + Release date September 22

Hehe. Do you fear the end of Hua Qian Gu and are you going to miss a hard core Xian Xia drama or just one where Zhao Liying is the lead? 80 more words

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[Recap] Run Brother Season 2 Ep.5 with Nicky Wu, Chen Qiao En

Loved the episode this week!! A lot of Chinese wuxia references and the filming took place at the location where The Four (Movie Edition) have been filmed, which is extremely exciting for me :D Wang Zhu lan is officially my least liked cast member and I don’t think his ways are going to grow on me, which is kind of sad, since I don’t remember disliking him this much during season 1… maybe because he got too cocky from all the fame? 1,187 more words


[Updated 05/04/2015] Legend of Zu: NEW STILLS! + fashion collage + fanart + BTS

What? What? What? There are new stills for Legend of Zu? That got me all hyped up again (I was doing some Magnetism/Physics problems and couldn’t care less about the stupid Right Hand Rule). 208 more words

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Legend of Zu 'release' gorgeous FanArt + Updates

** I have decided to use this post to put all the newest BTS of the drama until concrete stills for the drama pops out again! 202 more words

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UPDATED-Trailer Legend of Zu 蜀山战纪 + Pictures of the Cast at Press Conference

OMG OMG OMG. The trailer was released over the week-end through a press conference. All cast members were present including the gooffy but attractive William Chan, the so pretty and delicate Zhao Liying and everyone’s now favorite dad, Nicky Wu (hope he will have a baby with Shishi soon ^^). 137 more words

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Newest Stills for Legend of Zu Focused on Father-Daughter relation (Nicky Wu and Zhao Li Ying)

Hehe, the newest stills are out and this is so exciting! Each still from the show feels like Christmas gifts. Thanks Santa! So excited for the drama to air *_* Too pretty to resist. 33 more words

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