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[C-DRAMA] Scarlet Heart - 步步惊心

Title: 步步惊心 / Bu Bu Jing Xin
English title: Scarlet Heart / Startling by Each Step / Startling Step By Step / Treading On Thin Ice 1,090 more words

Nicky Wu's New Drama "To Advance Toward The Happiness" Airs March 3

I recently just found out that Nicky Wu had a new drama coming out. I’m surprised that this drama didn’t have much hype going around and I didn’t hear much about it either. 594 more words


Is The New Year of 2015 A Popular Time for Marriages?

There were a couple asian stars that married in January of 2015 that surprised me:

Jay Chou high profile wedding, Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu’s sudden marriage, and probably because the other two were such headliners you didn’t hear about Sonia Siu’s shotgun wedding 314 more words

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Liu ShiShi and Nicky Wu registered their marriage in Beijing

Well I’ll be damned. It was just three days ago that Jay Chou married Hannah Quinlivan, and while everyone was still reeling from the shock of that wedding, Nicky Wu dropped his own shock bomb today by announcing that he has registered his own marriage with girlfriend Liu ShiShi in Beijing! 374 more words

Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Get Married!

HAAAAAA! OH.MY.GOD. As I was about to call it a day and turn to my comfy bed, news broke out that Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi have tied the knot. 199 more words


Incisive Great Teacher/Xi Li Ren Shi (Series Review)

A comedy trying too hard to be a crime/mystery series. Identity crisis anyone? 599 more words