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Legend of Zu 'release' gorgeous FanArt + Updates

** I have decided to use this post to put all the newest BTS of the drama until concrete stills for the drama pops out again! 202 more words

Promo/Drama Stills

UPDATED-Trailer Legend of Zu 蜀山战纪 + Pictures of the Cast at Press Conference

OMG OMG OMG. The trailer was released over the week-end through a press conference. All cast members were present including the gooffy but attractive William Chan, the so pretty and delicate Zhao Liying and everyone’s now favorite dad, Nicky Wu (hope he will have a baby with Shishi soon ^^). 137 more words

Promo/Drama Stills

Newest Stills for Legend of Zu Focused on Father-Daughter relation (Nicky Wu and Zhao Li Ying)

Hehe, the newest stills are out and this is so exciting! Each still from the show feels like Christmas gifts. Thanks Santa! So excited for the drama to air *_* Too pretty to resist. 33 more words

Promo/Drama Stills

The Gods and Demons of Zu Mountain/Legend of Zu Stills

2015 adaptation of the The Gods and Demons of Zu Mountain is releasing stills! The drama is starring super stars (or at least very dear to my heart) : Zhao Liying(<3), William Chan and Nicky Wu. 53 more words

Promo/Drama Stills

[C-DRAMA] Scarlet Heart - 步步惊心

Title: 步步惊心 / Bu Bu Jing Xin
English title: Scarlet Heart / Startling by Each Step / Startling Step By Step / Treading On Thin Ice 1,090 more words

Nicky Wu's New Drama "To Advance Toward The Happiness" Airs March 3

I recently just found out that Nicky Wu had a new drama coming out. I’m surprised that this drama didn’t have much hype going around and I didn’t hear much about it either. 594 more words