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TheFitDog Talks NEAT (aka Walking)

(This is a post from Frankie, the office dog)

Hey guys!

Have you seen the recent fitness news about NEAT? NEAT has nothing to do with wiping your paws, or keeping your biscuits in your bowl. 713 more words

Nicola Joyce

Basic Information About Competing In UK Drug-Tested Bodybuilding Comps

Almost every week, I get asked about how to go about competing in drug-tested/natural bodybuilding competitions. Tis the season, I guess!

Having just Facebook… 878 more words

Nicola Joyce

3 Audible.co.uk Fitness Mindset Book Recommendations

Need some audio book recommendations? If you’re interested in human psychology (as it relates to healthy living, fitness, nutrition), habits, mindset, and nutritional science, check out my three recent favourites. 788 more words

The Fit Writer

Your A-Z of Powerlifting jargon

With my recent foray into the world of powerlifting, the content of my blog posts has changed. Just as you lot got used to “mandatory posing” and “bikini bite”, I’m throwing you for a loop with talk of “openers” and “bombing out”. 1,597 more words

Nicola Joyce

BDFPA British full power (my 2nd powerlifting comp)

Six weeks ago, I did my first powerlifting comp – a BDFPA full power unequipped qualifier.

The British Championships was last weekend. Here’s how I got on with an extra 6 weeks training under my belt. 841 more words

Nicola Joyce

Help! A Local Newspaper Has Asked Me To Write For Them!

A local newspaper has asked me to contribute regular articles. Help! What do I do next?

I had a call from a fitpro today who was asking for my urgent advice. 714 more words

Nicola Joyce

BDFPA Powerlifting Qualifier (307.5kg total)

Last Saturday, I did my first powerlifting comp (the BDFPA‘s Dean Mikosz Memorial). Quick version: a 97.5 squat, 60 bench, 150 deadliftt for a… 1,107 more words

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