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My UK Health Radio Interview: Bodybuilding and Channel Swimming

Does ANYBODY like the sound of their own voice? I don’t. It won’t surprise you that I’m far more comfortable being interviewed in print… … 298 more words

Nicola Joyce

thefitdog on "Take Your Dog To Work Day"

This is a post from Frankie, the office dog.

Hi, friends!

I am dictating this blog post to Nicola from my bed (nothing new there, I hear you say). 843 more words

Nicola Joyce

Stealth Cardio Tactics (No Treadmill Required)

Cardio doesn’t have to be a dirty word. It’s been a long time since I was involved in endurance sport, but I still enjoy cardio*. 701 more words

Nicola Joyce

29 More Books To Add To Your Reading List (Swiped From Smart Folk)

I had some complaints about my previous book-recommendation post.

Apparently it increased the size of people’s Amazon wishlists and “Books To Read” lists to uncomfortable levels. 265 more words

Nicola Joyce

12 Years In Business (Part 2)

Sorry for the cliffhanger!

1st June 2004 was when I set up in business as a freelance copywriter. So, 2 days ago, I wrote a quick blog post about how I got to that point in my life and career. 614 more words

Nicola Joyce

39 Book Recommendations I've Swiped From Smart People

For a few weeks now I’ve been swiping book recommendations from various Facebook posts. It’s about time I pulled the lists together. Full disclosure: this is a self-serving blog post. 448 more words

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