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Vegan athlete interview: Tsuki Harris

Vegan Athlete interview: Tsuki H

As part of Vegan Month, I bring you interviews with actual (as in permanent!) vegans in strength and physique sports. 947 more words

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Vegan Baking With Protein Pow's Pea Cooking Mix

Banana & Cacao Nib Squares (Vegan – obvs – and Gluten Free)

I couldn’t let Vegan Month go by without attempting some baking. I used to bake “protein” things all the time: … 601 more words

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My Vegan Month: 2 Weeks In

Week 2 (well, 12 days) of my “go vegan for a month” adventure has sent me a couple of challenges: hormonal, and social. The first was difficult at the time, but very short lived. 731 more words

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Vegan Food Prep (with help from Fitproclientrecipes)

One of the things I was looking forward to most about “going vegan for a month” was cooking :) I enjoy cooking all the time, but I get stuck in a rut with my regular foods, and it’s been ages since I’ve tried anything new. 586 more words

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My Vegan Month: One Problem With It Being "A Month"

Just a quick mid-week update today, because I hit a bump in the road on my Vegan Month adventure. I could have predicted it: after all, doing “a vegan month” will inevitably mean contending with a month’s worth of hormonal peaks and troughs. 476 more words

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A New Sport Every Month: Aerial Hoop

October’s “A New Sport Every Month” was Aerial Hoop: a sport epitomised by strength, grace, and flexibility. Well, I decided that possessing one of those three things was good enough, so booked myself on a taster session. 906 more words

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7 Ways Copywriting Is Crucial To Your Fitness Business - Sales Pages

Number seven in this mini series is the big Daddy…

Sales letters

Got something to sell? Then you’re going to need a sales letter (sales page). 419 more words

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