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What Is Art in this So called Post-Painting, Post-Post Modern Time? A Thousand Words

Hello readers and lovers of the Arts!

Today I ponder the question proposed by someone with regard to the meaning of how as Artists, we perceive this so-called Post painting, Post-Post Modern time period. 995 more words

Art By Adriana J. Garces

The Radicant: Urban Wandering

This took several goes to actually get my head around it but I’ve figured out the role of artiste mutant now.


Life in big cities is omnipresent in contemporary art. 1,175 more words


My Practice and Journey Form: Topology and Psychogeography

Bourriaud writes that the journey-form provides an iconography of global displacement. This can be clearly linked to my research. The global displacement is linked to multiplication which can be seen on the Internet: “Simply browsing the Internet in search of information, one gets a glimpse of this imaginary empire of the multiple. 286 more words


Journey Forms: Me and Pierre Huyghe's A Journey That Wasn't

Featured in Bourriaud’s chapter is Huyghe’s series, created from an expedition and its preparations. It’s based on a rumour that an albino penguin had been born in Antarctica as a result of global warming. 62 more words


Applying the 'Journey-Form: Expeditions and Parades' To My Practice

Reading Bourriaud’s text I can see elements that relate to my practice.

The journey form is everywhere in today’s art. Artists borrow: its forms (journeys, expeditions, maps), iconography (virgin territory, jungles, deserts), and its methods (anthopologist, archaeologist, explorer). 219 more words