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Business Model Innovation

    A rising topic

According to Google Books Ngram Viewer (charting frequencies of a specific sentence using yearly count of n-grams in books), business model innovation topic is rising up since 2000. 1,457 more words


Chief Digital Officer, pivot player of the digital transformation

Digital is ubiquitous: it’s like a colander, digital drops are falling down from everywhere! Companies are organizing in a hurry to take the lead on digital transformation, and are putting up a Chief Digital Officer to take responsability, and guide the company to the digital realm. 1,438 more words


Looking beyond Silicon Valley: 2014 SeedStarsWorld start-ups

Start-ups selected by SeedStarsWorld for the final competition in Geneva have pretty much energy to spare. It just jumped out at you during the two days of mentoring I had the chance to complete there, within a team of experienced entrepreneurs. 569 more words


Talent wants to be free, an interview with Orly Lobel

Orly Lobel is the author of “Talent Wants to Be Free” and a professor of Law at University of San Diego (Don Weckstein Professor of Employment and Labor Law). 1,229 more words


Communication in innovation: forget about innovation washing! by Inès Dartiguenave

Focused on the best ways to take advantage of communications to innovate, Inès Dartiguenave‘s expertise stems from her simultaneous work for communications consultancy Opinion Valley and photo start-up Wipplay, and from her graduation at Sorbonne University (CELSA). 948 more words


Effectuation and disruptive innovation, an interview with Philippe Silberzahn

Philippe Silberzahn is professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at EMLYON Business School, and research fellow at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, France, where he received his PhD. 1,949 more words


Imagine with Orange: share your ideas, Orange is helping you to give them life

Orange opens innovation crowdsourcing platform « imagine with Orange »

Orange innovation teams are harnessing the power of crowdsourcing by tapping into the collective wisdom of the people at the very forefront of the digital revolution: consumers. 729 more words