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This Love Affair with the Feline

“Look at the birds of the air. . . . Are you not much more valuable than they?”
Matthew 6:26

“How much more valuable is a person than a sheep!” 529 more words

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Juice On The Loose: Remembering The Day O.J. Simpson's 'The Chase' Captivated America

O.J. Simpson celebrated his 68th birthday this week from behind bars in Nevada’s Lovelock Correctional Center. And while it wasn’t his alleged murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman that put him there, that case was the start of the Hall of Famer’s incredible downward spiral. 1,809 more words


Tee Bylo Goes in Search of the Ghost of Brentwood...

As well as an artist who creates ‘Small Worlds’ of realism and fantasy in 12th scale miniature; I also have a passionate interest in the life and legacy of Nicole Brown Simpson. 422 more words


'He's Going to Kill Me!' The Legacy of Nicole Brown Simpson...

“O.J. threw me against the walls….and on the floor. Put bruises on my arm and back. The window scared me. Thought he’d throw me out… 357 more words


#RecollectNicole! Remembering Nicole Brown Simpson...

 On Sunday June 12 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson became a public figure overnight for on that balmy Sunday evening she was senselessly and brutally murdered in the grounds of her home at 875 South Bundy Drive in the leafy suburb of Brentwood in California. 280 more words


15 Things Most People Don't Know About The OJ Trial

I don’t know about you, but I’m already counting the days until Ryan Murphy’s “American Crime Story” premieres. It’s a miniseries based on the infamous O.J. 553 more words

Real Chefs Cook Dumb Recipes...

Real Chefs Cook Dumb Recipes… Hugh Acheson makes Kris Jenner’s favorite chicken nachos, a recipe by the brutally murdered Nicole Simpson, from her cookbook “In The Kitchen with Kris Jenner.”