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Suitcase Race (Part Two)

The suitcase race discussed in last week’s blog post was co-opted by the Pepsi Celebrity Ski Invitational in 1987. The organizer of this event, Bruce Portner, stated in the article… 464 more words


Suitcase Race (Part One)

For those of us at the Museum who have not worked, or lived, in Whistler for long, it is always great when people who had lived around Alta Lake in the early days drop in and say hello. 587 more words


Alta Lake Community Club

The Alta Lake Community Club’s (ALCC) first meetings were held at the Rainbow Lodge store in 1926. In order to join the club each member had to pay $1. 378 more words


GranFondo 2014

Today (Saturday August 6th 2014) marks the 5th annual GranFondo bike race to take place from Vancouver to Whistler.

Gran fondo (or “big ride” as loosely translated from Italian) events have been popular in Europe for many years and have been gaining speed within North America. 187 more words

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Discovering Alex Philip (Part Two)

As briefly mentioned in our article “The Crimson Paradise Turkey” in The Question (coming out Tuesday Aug. 26th), depending on whose perspective you get, the ‘facts’ of history may be different. 791 more words


Discovering Alex Philip (Part One)

As a person coming from an Anthropological background, I am drawn to the narratives surrounding ones life. Outside of this I am also very interested in Canadian fiction; therefore, I was fascinated to hear that Alex Philip was not just the co-founder of Whistler’s first resort, Rainbow Lodge, but was also an author (for more information on Alex’s books, visit our previous blog post… 542 more words


#SingForNicole Sister Kelly And Dad Chris Get Surprise From Zazza & Julie

Last week, we had Kelly Wilson and her dad Chris in studio with us to talk about their viral Twitter hashtag #SingForNicole. Their effort was to get One Direction dedicate “Story Of My Life” to Nicole Wilson, who passed away from complications stemming from Type 1 Diabetes. 94 more words