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Why are nicotine patches effective solution for smokers?

A lot of people addicted to smoking are now wanting to quit smoking as they realize the adverse effects of smoking. But quitting smoking is not an easy task most people try to stop smoking but return to it after a few days. 241 more words

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Reasons why you should stop smoking tobacco!

It is not only the non-smokers but also the smokers know the adverse effects of smoking cigarettes. Tobacco smoking alone is responsible for many fetal health problems such as lungs and oral cancer. 242 more words

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Airport Work and Home

Had a dream that I was at an airport with Tansel and she asks me if I bought nicotine patches and I tell her yes, and then she gets angry. 500 more words


Stop smoking: 3 tips on how to battle the cravings while you're quitting smoking

Are you trying to quit smoking but cravings are getting getting you? click this link to watch a short video on how to battle your cravings during your quit!. 8 more words

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What is Nicotine replacement therapy?

Cigarette smoking habit is a very common problem a lot of people are facing. Knowing the fact that such smoking habit can give rise to many health problems. 229 more words

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Key tips to stop smoking in just 12 weeks?

Everyone is aware that smoking can lead to several serious health problems. But that does not make quitting any easy for the smokers. Giving up on smoking is difficult a lot of people try to quit but fail to keep up and return to smoking. 235 more words

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