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The Best Way to Quit Smoking, According to Science

Researchers have long sought for answers on the best way to help people quit smoking. Often, it comes down to two options: quitting cold turkey or gradually tapering a smoking habit. 370 more words

The Patch: part 1

So as you may have read previously I recently embarked on the journey of quitting chewing tobacco. 563 more words

Effects of Nicotine Patch vs Varenicline vs Combination Nicotine Replacement Therapy on Smoking Cessation at 26 Weeks

Catherine Lister, Mercer University College of Pharmacy

Tobacco is cited as the leading cause of preventable death, disease, and disability in the United States. [1] 520 more words

Nicotine Patches

As I mentioned in my last post about e-cigarettes, I am going to be writing about nicotine patches this time.  I would just like to re-cap a little first.  844 more words