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A slow news day.....

…. or even a slow news week is common in Britain around this time of year.

Parliament doesn’t meet during this month, so on a domestic rather than international news front there is usually less in the way of important news.  588 more words


Move along please, nothing to see here....

…..well, there are things to see, (and I would love to you to see) but I can’t show you them at the moment!

Marvin has a sweater, but as I decided to make up a fairisle pattern for it, as the sweater in the book was too simple (i.e. 115 more words


Fibre Flurry

Well, it was a fabulously busy and exhausting weekend!

Closer geographically than some Kraftykoala & I set off early on the Saturday morning with our Tour Manager, Julie. 528 more words

Shop Update

*Happy Dance* Part I

Home and happy!

Very happy. As all my readers will know I’ve been to Knit Nation :)

You’ll catch me going on a bit about it because it has been AWESOME! 173 more words

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I’m back!

To sum it up, I had an absolutely FABULOUS time :) But I forgot my camera so no lovely piccies to show you… 267 more words

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Wildfirefibres & The Nude Ewe

Oooh, I should write a story with that title! Stand aside JK Rowling!

Anyway, to business:  It was yet another good post day yesterday (I can recommend opening a yarn shop if you like good post days…) I got one purple squishy package and a box. 303 more words

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Capuccino anyone?

This is a rather nice yarn, didn’t arrive with the rest of the Rosarios and so I forgot all about taking it’s picture and making it famous. 188 more words

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