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Day 30 of the Bikram Yoga Challenge

Today at 8 a.m. it was the last day. The heat in the room was off at first but then quickly the owner got it turned back on and the heat zoomed from 90 to 104 during the standing series. 200 more words


Friendships materializing late in life have a special and different color to them. They will not be understood in this lifetime, but will spew unpredictable fruits and blossoms in times to come. 303 more words


The Function of "the Petty Tyrant"

One of the most interesting matters brought up in Castaneda’s writings is the role of “the petty tyrant”. Surviving Trump and Trumpism — or authoritarian populism and the politics of the hoarde more generally — may well be a matter of learning to see and use Trump as this same petty tyrant in one’s practice of self-overcoming. 619 more words



I’d posted this on LinkedIn:

Is it not outrageous that we baffle over the transparent and innocuously purport to narrate the opaque? 

To which I received the reply:

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Jean Gebser on "The Demonic"

It has been an intense last couple of days for me — strange coincidences and synchronicities that I am still in the process of digesting, and which I may get around to posting about at a later date. 1,754 more words