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Shitfest 2015: 50 Shades of Grey


I have a special exclusive for you today at the Shitfest headquarters. I went to the producers of 50 Shades of Grey and offered to do them some publicity on a renowned journalist’s site, called Isaacs Picture Conclusions. 111 more words


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I came across this. Interesting…

Just Randomness

Nigel Thornberry Meets Disney

Had a rough day full of classes, clubs and homework? Need a little pick me up and distraction from the stress you’re currently experiencing? Then look no further. 22 more words


Starting 5: 90's Childhood TV Bros You'd Most Want to Drink With If They Were Real

5.  Big Bob Pataki


Unlike his alcoholic, lazy piece of ass wife Miriam.  Big Bob was the life of the party.  Just a classic American businessman who could probably throw back a beer or 12 any given night.   129 more words