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Challenge 5

This challenge really wasn’t a challenge to me since I am already on a slight diet for a week, I saw a post on Instagram to eat nuts or crackers and drink water for a week. 116 more words

Challenge Assignment

Blog 12

Last week wasn’t really a good week, they day we didnt have class I went to my room and went to sleep, woke up and then i went to play basketball. 151 more words


Reading 8

Cycling and Health,Nick Cavill&Dr.Adrian Davis,England2007,written to inform readers about the importance of riding and health

General topic is health and riding bikes,important because everyone should workout and it talks about being healthy… 60 more words

Reading Assignment

Lounging #4(a work in progress)..

Acrylics on canvas

Still painting my cat Nigel..His features a bit more prominently displayed


Reading Assignment #7

  1. In the green of health: Just 5 minutes of ‘green exercise’ optimal for good mental health,American Chemical Society,May 2010, written to inform you about running where its green is beneficial…
  2. 97 more words
Reading Assignment

Challenge #4

This weekend for my challenge me, Pharr and Kendall walked around the campus of UNCW for almost a hour. I have never been to a school so spaced out. 120 more words

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