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Something is rotten in the state of UKIP:

HE’S BAAACKKK! So, like some sort of warped messiah, 3 days after he politically died; Farage rises again. Those who considered his loss one of the few redeeming features of election night are already weeping and the rivers of the Guardian run beige with hummus. 1,099 more words

South Thanet takes a leaf from UKIP's book and won't let Nigel Farage leave

Nigel Farage, UKIP leader/ex-leader/leader just can’t catch a break! First he tries to become an MP. He fails. Then he tries to resign. He fails. Now it looks like even South Thanet won’t let him leave. 46 more words


Mike, Nigel and Canada’s Favorite Squirrel

From our roving Urban Nature Correspondent:  Although not usually found nested in buckets like former Senator Mike, the Red Squirrel is common across North America and can be found frolicking in our forests and urban environments. 123 more words


Conservatives win the General Election

The Conservative party have officially passed the magic 226 number, gaining a majority in this year’s election. Not all votes are counted yet, and ITV predicts the party will gain 331 votes by the end of the count. 19 more words


Cheating with Audio

There are times when I’m torn between reading more of whatever book I’m enjoying at the moment, and actually going out and doing something. I’ve come to the realization that most of the things that I find enjoyable entail sitting on my bum in various locations. 260 more words


Til the Next Six or: Nigel's Future is as Good as Sealed


Happy May Day everyone! Well, Nigel turned six this morning. Six hundred to be exact! I know, many of you are gagging yourselves right now, rolling your eyes or facepalming. 371 more words

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