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Feeding My Habit.

My approach to book-buying has, of late, come into line with my attitude to purchasing stuff in general. That is, I have learned to resist the hype and take the marketing with a generous pinch of salt. 1,299 more words


It is time for regime change in Iran. #FarageOnLBC https://t.co/8YgMH5jW48

— Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) January 2, 2018


نایجل فاراژ – زمان تغییر رژیم فرا رسیده است

Our God is a great big God

Nigel and Jo Hemming

E            A         B7
Our God is a great big God
E            F#7       B7 
Our God is a great big God
E            A 
Our God is a great big God
       F#7      B7     E   (B  first time only)
And He holds us in His hands 
He's higher than a skyscraper
     A                  E
He's deeper than a submarine
He's wider than the universe
      A               E
And beyond my wildest dreams
     C#m               G#m
He's known me and He's loved me
        A                E
Since before the world began
    A              E/G#       
How wonderful to be a part 
   F#m7          Bsus4  B
Of God's amazing plan

"Nigel Farage calls on EU to investigate George Soros funding, collusion"

“Nigel Farage says while Russia is accused of funding Britain’s ‘Leave’ campaign, financier George Soros’ recent $18 billion donation to pro-EU charity Open Society has escaped scrutiny. 95 more words