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365 reasons to smile ~ 19.

19. When spell check changes the name Nigel to Niger! Note: always check for changes BEFORE you press send…especially when ‘Nigel’ is the land agent! Lol


Nigel's GuysGuide - The Bow tie 

Hello Ladies & Gents, we’re back with a GuysGuide post! I know it took a while, I wanted to do a fashion GuysGuide again but I didn’t had a model. 329 more words



Nigel applied for the position of Santa Claus at the children’s party to be held next week at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa.  Management was polite but firm in their refusal to hire him.  24 more words

Final Blog

I enjoyed myself in this course Life On Two wheels, I remember the first time I heard about the class. My friends Pharr and Stephen were talking about it a couple days before we were allowed to choose our classes for the upcoming semester. 398 more words


Challenge 5

This challenge really wasn’t a challenge to me since I am already on a slight diet for a week, I saw a post on Instagram to eat nuts or crackers and drink water for a week. 116 more words

Challenge Assignment